Color Theory In Fashion Design
Alexandra Wade - January 2, 2023

The outfits that we wear on a daily basis are a large part of how people perceive us when they first see us. This makes it very important to be aware of how the items that we’re wearing can be received in different ways by a variety of people. One of the main things people look out for in our appearance is the color of our entire outfit and whether it actually looks well put together and cohesive. To grasp this, it is first important to understand different aspects of color theory and how they impact our view of different looks.

Getty Images/Moment/TravelCouples

One way to do this is to try and learn what different colors are associated with. In many cultures throughout the world, the color black is worn during mourning, so it should be avoided on a more wholesome and outgoing occasion. However, if you’re wearing clothes to a formal event, the office, or for a presentation, black is accepted. Another example is red, which many cultures and groups associate with the idea of love, and sometimes lust. This means that if you’re going on a first date, it isn’t always a good idea to wear too many red articles of clothing, since it may not be perceived correctly from the other side.

Another important thing to keep in mind is which colors go well together, and which don’t. For example, you would think that yellow would match well with orange since they’re both very warm colors. However, yellow actually matches far better with colors like purple. This is because, in color theory, ideas opposite to each other on the color wheel tend to complement each other. So, next time you’re planning an outfit for an important event, make sure you understand how bright colors don’t go well with each other randomly, but they can look great if the color theory is applied first

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