ColourPop x Sailor Moon Makeup Collection
Laura Lee - April 16, 2020

While the ColourPop x Sailor Moon collection may already be sold out due to its incredible popularity (unsurprisingly so), there’s no need to fret ladies. We promise. They’ve already released information to the public on social media that they’re preparing for new stock, so get ready, and be sure to stay tuned. Apparently this special collection was ColourPop’s best seller!  People sure do love Sailor Moon, and her legend will clearly forever live on, no matter how many years have passed since her release. 

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The makeup collection includes eight magical pieces – from glitter eyeshadow to lip glosses, and moon blushes, which are all 100% Sailor Moon inspired, including her unforgettable cat, Luna.  Here’s the catch though – Sailor Moon is now all grown up, meaning the images in the collection are all about the teenage version of our childhood hero. Don’t worry though – she’ll still bring out all the ‘90s nostalgia feels but is just a little bit more grown-up than she once was back in the day, moving forward together with us. 

The Sailor Moon collection ships across the globe so that fans everywhere can enjoy it, no matter where they may be located on the map.  The eight items in the collection are all incredibly tempting – and will have you all feeling as though you’ve become Sailor Moon herself, fighting for justice and love when you put this unique makeup on, completely unstoppable. 

The entire collection is available (because really why should you ever have to just settle on one item?) for $89, and once it’s eventually restocked, you can have it all to yourself.  And if you’re really worried about missing out on the next stock, you give your email to ColourPop to ensure that you’re among the first to know it’s up for grabs! 

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