Continue Your Best Life, Dunkaroos Still Exist
Laura Lee - April 5, 2018

Betty Crocker changed our lives for the better.  Before most of us could really express our feelings other than YUM, we were gifted with the incredible invention of Dunkaroos. They were seriously the best cookie snack known to man kind, with ten small cookies that were to be dunked into the most perfect, creamy icing.

If you’re a ’90s kid, then you’ve surely dreamed, hoped, and prayed to find them again. Well, today is your very lucky day, because they do in fact still exist.  General Mills unfortunately stopped producing them in the United States in 2012, but there are some websites that will ship them to you.  They can also be smuggled from Canada. Oh Canada.

While smuggling sounds like a tricky and illegal process, General Mills has actually been encouraging it with their site Smugglaroos.  It’s a platform for Canadians who feel so sorry for their American friends that are Dunkaroo-less.  The only problem is that they are sold for shockingly high prices, since Dunkaroos have become such a rare entity.

Some other options include purchasing them from third party sellers, such as Amazon who sells Chocolate Frosted Dunkaroos for $12.55, and the vanilla version for $19.99. Buffalo Sponge Candy, offers a more cost efficient option at $5.39 for regular Dunkaroos.

Despite the cost, who can actually resist this nostalgic treat?

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