Cory Congratulates Topagana On Her Engagement
Marc Gordon - January 25, 2018

As soon as it became public that Danielle Fishel (Topagana from Boy Meets World) was engaged, Ben Savage,  best known as Cory, her TV husband, was one of the first to congratulate her with a throwback Instagram post of the two.

The adorable picture was full of emotion, and left fans with a certain bittersweet feeling.  The two played our favorite couple for the majority of their lives, from childhood friends to a married couple, and then to even having a daughter in Girl Meets World. 

Their relationship, like any had it’s ups and down, but for most of us, they were the ultimate relationship goals couple that we looked up to.  The TV couple was always able to solve their problems, and were always there for each other. They grew up together, something we all aspire to have.  And although we always knew that Boy Meets World was a fictional show, it’s really hard to picture Topanga being with someone else.

Fischel was married to Tim Belusko, who she had met while studying and tutoring at California State University. The couple divorced in 2016 and she is now engaged to Jensen Karp, the executive producer of Drop the Mic.  Fans showed their support on social media for the new couple, but there were some that expressed disappointed that she didn’t end up with Ben Savage.  Fischel however has revealed that he was in fact her first kiss, and that they did try dating outside the show but the chemistry was not there.
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