Crayola’s New Makeup Line
Laura Lee - June 7, 2018

Crayola’s new makeup line with definitely make you the brightest crayon in the box.  For many of us, a stack of paper and a box of crayons make for us most fond childhood memories.  And if our parents didn’t buy crayons for Crayola, we were less than satisfied.

Now, think about a makeup line that had the same amount of color variety as Crayola and that was just as into old-fashioned artistry.  It’s not just a dream – now it really exists and will soon be available at ASOS. It’s even more nostalgic than you imagined.

Popular makeup brands have been recreating our childhood favorites for awhile now, and it’s not Crayola’s turn.  They’ve collaborated with ASOS, the British online retailer and have made a huge beauty line (58 items to be exact) filed with incredibly pigmented makeup products, with 95 different colors.

Just like their crayons, their beauty products are made from cruelty-free and vegan materials.  All the products range from $15-$40, meaning you can live your best life no matter what your budget may be.

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