Demi Lovato’s Hair Goes 90s
Alexandra Wade - March 27, 2018

It appears to be the season for celebrity hair do’s, and they are sure keep it interesting. Apparently, Demi Lovato has a new bob! She switched it up from her waist long lock that she’s been killing for quite a while, and it appears as though she’s as happy as ever.  The drastic haircut is real, even if you find it hard to believe.

Despite being mid tour in her Tell Me Your Love Me tour she decided to take a small detour to cut her hair. She kept the same jet black color, but chopped off an entire twelve inches of hair. Spring cleaning at it’s finest.

Lovato has yet to share a picture on her timeline about her new style, but we’re sure she’s loving it.  She’s showed it off in her Instagram stories, showing a side-swept style that’s short in the back and in the front, touches her chin.

According to sources, the stylist responsible for her new look is celebrity hairdresser Cesar DeLeon Ramirez.  Some feel as though it was a bizarre time for Lovato to get a haircut while being on tour, but she had a break in her schedule that night and she is no stranger to hair cuts.  Lovato loves constantly changing her hair length, and after all, summer is coming.

Regardless, she looks awesome with this new cut and most fans are loving it too.


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