Destiny’s Child Epic Coachella Reunion
Alexandra Wade - April 19, 2018

So the incredible, stunning and talented girls from Destiny’s Child might not be getting back together as a group completely, but their Coachella reunion had us all thinking there was no way they wouldn’t.

The super iconic group with Beyonce, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland reunited on the stage of Coachella and their performance was even more magical than we dreamed of.  If you don’t believe it, you can watch the video yourself.

Beyonce was not only the first Black woman to headline Coachella, but she also put on the most epic show ever. She prepared her fans for the show to come with a post on her official Facebook page, telling fans to come ready and with energy. What really took our breath away though, was when all of Destiny’s Child came out together.

This recent performance was the group’s first time together on stage in the past three years.  They sang their popular popular throwback tunes, including some remixes of ‘Lose My Breathe’, ‘Soldier’ and ‘Say My Name’.  They wore matching outfits that remind us of their ‘Survivor’ video, wearing camouflage outfits.

Beyonce was actually supposed to perform at last years Coachella, however called it off due to her pregnancy with twins.  Fans are begging for the group to get back together, but for now it does not seem as though it will be happening anytime soon.

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