Different Musical Genres
Laura Lee - July 18, 2023

Music is perhaps the oldest artistic medium known to mankind. It is an artform that allows each and every individual to use their voice, or an instrumental medium, in order to express their truths. There are a range of different musical genres that exist in the world today. The word genre essentially means a type or form a specific thing – it is predicated on the contents of the substance or piece. In today’s world, each and every genre has many different listeners and artists affiliated with it. Most genres within the musical world are segmented via musical style – some common examples include Jazz, Rap, and Rock. Here are a few musical genres that you could rock to on the weekends.

First comes the rock genre. Rock music is generally attributed as hardcore, with its fans being avid listeners and committed strongly to the genre. This genre is, according to listener’s opinions, ranked at the first position in the competition for top genre. This genre encapsulates a range of different sub genres including, but not limited to, alternative rock, pop rock, and heavy metal.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Ernesto r. Ageitos

Next comes the classical musical genre. This genre characterized much of history; Purely instrumental music that utilized a broad variety of different instruments in order to produce unique and lasting sounds. This genre, like rock, has a range of different subgenres, including but not limited to choral, ballet, and opera.

The next genre, also considered as one of the most popular of today’s urban world, is the Hip Hop genre. This genre utilizes a range of different instruments in order to complete its style – these instruments include sampled sounds, keyboards, electric guitars and more. Today’s world is full to the brim with different, unique musical genres that cater to all kinds of musical cravings. If you find yourself often without an evening tune, turn to another genre; You never know, you might like it even more.

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