Disney Princess Nail Art Is Happening
Claire Miles - March 7, 2018

Even if you’ve past your double digits, and are no longer sticking Disney stickers all over your furniture, the Disney princess obsession never really dies. This is the very reason why Vivian Xue Rahey’s Disney nail art gained so much popularity on Instagram, other than her incredible talent.  Regardless of the bills we’ve got to pay, we are all still little children deep down, and needs these small pleasures to satisfy our nostalgic cravings, no matter the cost.
The mind boggling artist specializes in stiletto and coffin-shaped nails. Her Instagram is highly impressive, with Mona Lisa manicures, Louis Vuitton logos, zombie versions of Bart and Homer, and of course, tons of Disney Princesses.  Her California establishment offers sculpted extensions, nail overlays and freehand nail art.
Even the salon itself is super cool,  set in a modern and industrial setting putting all customers in the most artsy mood possible. It’s like the Disneyland of nails and it’s a real challenge to chose which manicure to get.

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