Disney Princess Trash Cans
Marc Gordon - October 27, 2018

Hot Topic is now selling Disney trash cans that you can use in your home, with what we believe is a pun-intended concept. But either way, they are small, they are adorable, and they perfectly fit anywhere – in a bathroom, by your bedside, under a desk, or anywhere where you may be throwing away all those Disney themed holiday treat wrappers.

There are two different styles.  The first one can match any kind of decor, and is perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist look (less nerdy). It features a beautiful silhouette of Princess Belle, together with her iconic line ”Tale as old as time”.  The trash can in ten inches tall, is super shinny and adds just the right amount of glimmer to your trash.

The other one is more playful, feating a floral design, and it’s got our beloved blue alien, Stitch, sticking his head out of the bouquets.

So whether you’re more of a Stitch or a Belle, you’ll have something to spice things up in your home.  Hot Topic has got tons of other Disney products on their shelves, all kinds of nostalgic outfits and home goods that are ready to go into debt for.

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