Disney World’s New Character Themed Ice Cream
Marc Gordon - March 4, 2019

Most people would agree that there are some things in life that were meant to be paired together. Peanut butter and jelly, puppies and kittens, ice cream and Disney. Well, now Disney has whipped up some new whimsical treats. Foodie’s dreams are coming true! You won’t want to miss these sweet offers.

There are three brand-new character-themed ice cream cones made an appearance on February 24th. They make for some cute Instagram pictures that are guaranteed to make your friends back home super jealous of your already awesome time at Disney.

The Hei Hei Cone

Inspired by everyone’s favorite idiotic rooster from Moana, the cone is really perfectly weird looking. The blue cone matches Hei Hei’s body, topped with pineapple Dole Whip and raspberry soft serve, sugar eyes, and sour candy.

The Lost Princess Cone

This cone is inspired by Tangled‘s Rapunzel. The cone is purple and the soft serve ice cream is lemon. It is decorated with oh-so-sweet edible flowers. We love how the gold-yellow ice cream looks like Rapunzel’s hair after she’s had it braided in the movie. The detail is on point!

The Adventure Is Out There Cone

Calling all adventure seekers out there, you have to try this Up inspired treat. The soft serve ice cream is unexpected in a great way: it’s mango! It’s topped with a bunch of candy balloons which is really lots of mini chocolate balls all joined by one big piece of white chocolate.

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