Disney’s Cruise Is What We All Need Right Now
Alexandra Wade - July 14, 2018

For passionate Disney fans, taking a cruise with your favorite mouse is old news. Disney has been embarking on oceanic journeys for several years already.  But recently, they’ve added a new destination, and not one that you would generally expect.

Passengers who board from the trip that leaves from Pacific Northwest will be the very first to experience a Disney Cruise that sails to Astoria, Oregon.  This coastal side located between Youngs Bay and the Columbia river is well known for it’s endless attractions, and Disney will make sure that passengers have the best possible experience, seeing only the best spots.

Astoria is also popular for it’s magnificent scenery, and even it’s exploded volcano with remains offering some brutal beauty.  What’s most exciting however for Disney fans is the role that Astoria serves in Hollywood, with many studios using the town as a place to film.  You will surely recognize many landmarks from your favorite Hollywood classics, such as The Goonies and Free Willy.

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