Disney’s Streaming Service
Claire Miles - August 21, 2018

We don’t know too much about Disney’s upcoming streaming service just yet, but we do know that if will be offering no shortage of nostalgia in it’s new programming.

According to sources, the lineup with include a 10-episode long live action Star Wars show as well as TV spinoffs of other nostalgic shows.  Disney is already developing spinoffs of Monsters, Inc. and High School Musical.  There’s also a chance that The Muppets will come out with a new series.

Disney wants to attract more than just children. They are aiming to please adults who are nostalgic for the movies they grew with, so that they too can enjoy the streaming too.

Not only will spinoff series be included, but Disney will also be making new movies for the streaming service, including both remakes and original content.

We couldn’t be more pumped up for everything they’ve got in store for us!

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