Disney’s Toy Story Land
Marc Gordon - April 29, 2018

Looking for some daily nostalgia? Well, we’ve found it for you. Disneyland of Shanghai has recently opened Toy Story Land, and it’s just as magical as we dreamed of.  If you want to walk into your television and live the Toy Story movies, this park is all that.

Toy Story Land is the first major expansion of the park in 2006, and the Walt Disney Company is overjoyed to be providing guests with this new spectacular Pixar land.  Toy Story Land is the seventh themed land in the Disney Shanghai park.

The goal of the park is to make guests feel like they’ve shrunken down to the size of a toy, with engineers and designers creating larger-than-life, impressively accurate replicas of our favorite Toy Story characters, and you’re going to want to go there more than anything.

On top of the themed decor, it’s also got three rides, Rex’s Racer, Woody’s Roundup, and Dog Spin.  Visitors are also able to recharge at the Toy Box Cafe, with treats that taste just like nostalgia, and get some souvenirs to remember this epic experience at Al’s Toy Barn. Everything is straight from the movie, and it’s so incredibly adorable.

If all that is not enough for you, there’s also a Toy Story Hotel you can stay at.  And if you can handle waiting another few months, it’s been announced by Disney that Toy Story Land will also be opening in June in the U.S.

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