DIY Nails From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Claire Miles - April 18, 2020

Not only have we all been given a ton of extra free time due to all this social isolation, but we’ve also been left with no choice but to complete our beauty treatments ourselves, since visiting our favorite salons are obviously not an option right now (hopefully this will remain your biggest struggle right now).  But what does this mean? Well, it means that it’s the absolute perfect opportunity to get both creative in how you spend that free time, including engaging in endless self-care activities from home! 

A recent trend on Instagram, a platform that’s keeping us all sane and distracted, has been to post some super inspiring, impressive and cute nails, hashtagged as #quarantinenails, and it really couldn’t be more relevant now since everyone is talking about their hands to no end, as well as thinking about them, and looking at them too, of course. And without a doubt, some self-care and pampering right now could seriously go a long way.  At the moment, this trending hashtag already has more than 4,000 pictures of creative nails – offering something for literally every taste and style you can possibly imagine. 

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What’s also incredible about doing your nails from the comfort of your own home (and staying in your home too) is that you don’t have to worry about any judgments or comments from others, meaning you can be as bold as your heart desires. Also, since you’re likely not putting on gel polish yourself, you can also fix mistakes and chipped nails as they come, without having to run back to the salon in between meetings. Did we also mention all the money you’re going to be saving by doing it yourself?  So get yourself some polish, start scrolling through your Instagram feed, and get ready to be inspired!  From shiny, glittery or even matte rainbow nails, to Easter Eggs, fun animal prints, French manicures, polka dots, stripes, flowers and all kinds of patterns – Instagram has got it all, and we promise, your nails won’t be disappointed.

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