Double Dare Is Coming Back
Claire Miles - April 30, 2018

In 2016, Nickelodeon brought back one of our favorite ’90s shows, Double Dare.  It was completely glorious, however it unfortunately only lasted one week, and we were all left heartbroken with this teaser.

The show was Nickelodeon’s longest running show, having aired from 1986-1993.  But the, it was all over. No more Down the Hatch, no more Human Hamster Wheel, no more Wringer, and no more Double Dare Nose. We were taken to the harsh reality of life after the ’90s.

Well, dear friends – it’s now time to rejoice. The ’90s are making a serious comeback. Nickelodeon has recently announced that Double Dare  will be coming back this summer with an entire 40 new episodes!

The new show will be based on the premise of the original show, with two teams competing against each other to win exciting prizes by answering correctly to trivias, doing some cool stunts, and of course, conquering the obstacle course.

We’re not yet sure if host Marc Summers will be appearing, but stay tuned.

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