Dunkin’ Donuts Girl Scout Cookie Flavors
Marc Gordon - January 10, 2019

Although most people tend to believe that the most wonderful time of the year is during the holidays, Girl Scout cookie season is also not too shabby.  Well, once again, Dunkin’ Donuts is gracing us with the honor of teaming up with the Girl Scouts to bring our favorite cookie flavors back in action!

Their Girl Scout cookie flavored coffees have just been released across America, and we seriously couldn’t be more excited to order them. This 2019,  the newest flavor is Trefoils shortbread, which is totally buttery and sweet, and is just as good as eating the real thing, but it’s got caffeine and can be sipped!

You will also be able to find the classic Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel flavors if you’re not into trying new things. All of these three exciting flavors will be available in either frozen coffee, frozen chocolate or in espresso beverages.  We’ll take one of each, for starters, of course.

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