Earth to Cher: Dionne is Running for Office
Claire Miles - February 4, 2018

As if! Stacey Dash aka Dionne in the 1995 cult classic ‘Clueless’ has announced that she will be running for Congress, and to be honest, we’re buggin’.

You may remember Dionne as the confident and attitude-encompassing best friend of Cher Horowitz, the undisputed queen bee of Bronson Alcott High School in Beverly Hills, California. Dionne was a strong female character in her own right – a smart, sophisticated, and down-to-Earth best friend that balanced out the clueless superficiality that was playfully woven into scenes and characters throughout the movie.

Take fiction out of the equation, and Dionne would have been very well suited for a career in politics and public speaking. Think about it: she possessed many of the qualities people look for in a political candidate.


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Works well under pressure

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Stands up for what’s right

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Fast forward to 2018 where Stacey has announced she’s making the move from Clueless to Congress. As a conservative powerhouse, Stacey will be running to represent California’s 44th District.

It’s a heavily Democratic district, and it’s unclear which party Dash will be running to represent (although, one can assume she will file as a Republican candidate). Either way, the announcement comes as a nostalgic blast from the past, and a reminder of modern-day democracy. It doesn’t take someone rich and powerful to make change. All we need are dedicated, kind-hearted people who are passionate about making our future better, so we can be nostalgic when we look back on the past.

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