Facts About Ice Cream
Claire Miles - July 7, 2022

We all love ice creams all year round but have we ever questioned how the recipe came into existence. You can always have ice creams during the summer heat while you can also experience the chill during the winter cold. Today the ice cream companies have curated a flavor for each one of you. It all started in China in 3000 BCE.

Getty Images/Moment/Carol Yepes

The idea of ice cream originated in China where people crushed ice and added topics over it. This was the simplest form of ice cream yet loved by people from around the world. Initially, it was just formed over the Saharan Desert when temperatures dropped so Chinese people thought that it was a local dessert. However, when the Greeks learned about it, they added a twist by incorporating wine and honey to sweeten the ice which meant step 2 in ice cream production. The Persians were the beginners in adding cream and milk to ice cream in 400 BC. They added vermicelli and milk with ice to form a more dense yet better ice cream flavor.

Royals were introduced to saffron and vermicelli ice cream which became a staple there. However, we all know that Italy’s ice cream has been one of the most popular and wanted desserts. How did it ever reach there? All thanks to Marco polo when he decided to travel around the world. He got so inspired by the Chinese way of making ice cream that he took the recipe to Italy where Italians refined the recipe. Initially, the ice cream was more of a royal thing where only kings and queens were allowed to taste the elite dessert. However, when it reached Italy many locals copied the idea.

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