Fanta Snack Packs
Marc Gordon - October 26, 2019

Fanta flavored Snack Packs are the latest and greatest thing in the snack world that will surely have nostalgia swimming all through your body. It’s the best way to drink your childhood favorite sugary soda in either orange, grape or pineapple flavor.  And take note – it doesn’t just taste like the fruit, but like the fruit flavored soda… 

While there hasn’t been too much information revealed about this exciting snack just yet, you’re going to want to keep your eyes and ears open to get your hands on these as soon as they’re on the shelves.  

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But what are these exactly? Well, pudding is probably the first thing that comes to mind, because back in the day that’s what Snack Packs were of course.  To our good fortune however, it’s not pudding – but rather, a sweet Juicy Gel, similar to Jell-O. Now the collab with Fanta makes a little more sense, right? 

So stay tuned to find out when you’ll be able to purchase this modernized snack of the past… 

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