Flared Jeans Coming Back?
Claire Miles - December 9, 2018

Fashion is highly cynical, and highly subjective. Things go in and out of style in the blink of an eye.  Everyone has a different opinion towards what’s in, and what’s out. We all also always second guess our fashion choices.

Experts from GQ Magazine are now telling us that flared jeans are making a comeback. Back in the disco-era, they were absolutely huge.  When they came back in the late ’90s and 2000s, our parents went nuts.  By realistically? Although they have the potential to look cool, they can look seriously unfortunate in some cases.

Pants that flare out at the knee into a large bell is something we all thought we would never again see.  So how could it be that this is the new style? Maybe its the more confident, tall ones who could work it, but then again, those kind of people could work a garbage bag, right?

People on Twitter have been responding with rather negative comments towards the new style announcement, telling GQ to re-think things.

What are your thoughts about the flared jeans coming back?

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