‘Friends’ Inspired Turkey Mug
Marc Gordon - November 14, 2018

Whether or not you’ve got a shiny, juicy turkey waiting for you on the dinner table this Thanksgiving, you will surely want to at the very least have a turkey related item on the table, right?

Well thankfully, there’s now a ‘Friends’ inspired turkey mug on the market, out just in time for our favorite feast, and we are incredibly grateful (mainly that pop culture homeware items exist).

In case you haven’t yet managed to pick up on the reference, in the iconic episode ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’ where we go through the rollercoaster relationship between Monica and Chandler, at some point in the episode Monica slips her head into an uncooked turkey carcass, and decided to dress it up with sunglasses, a fez, and shimmies. With this comical accessory, she gets Chandler to cheer up.

This epic mug inspired by the show has also got the legendary large glasses, as well as a removable fez.  What better way to celebrate your friends and say thanks than by getting them their very own Turkey Mug?

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