Friendship Was Better In The ’90s
Andrew Parker - January 1, 2019

Most things were done better in the ’90s. One of these things was without a doubt –  friendship. This doesn’t mean that today you’re a bad friend, but there were many things that only would have happened in the ’90s that simply made friendship that much better.

And while many of our beloved things from the ’90s can’t be brought back, such as your youth or even the nostalgic accessories, the way in which you did friendship can (somewhat at least).  For one, you and your girl gang used to always model yourself on adorable other girl gangs, such as Now & Then. Now though? Millenial girls look up the Kardashians.

Back in the day, we also didn’t cancel plans in the same way that we do today. Not at the last minute, plans involved phones calls, and we wouldn’t be able to just send a super lazy text to let our friend know that we can’t make it.  And about the whole phone call thing – what ever happened to talking to our friends on the phone for hours upon hours? It was truly amazing and that’s what really brought us together.

Other than your lengthy phone conversations, you would always write long and elaborate notes to each other filled with appreciation for each other.  If it wasn’t a letter, then it was surely a giant collage you made of pictures of the two of you that you spent hours arranging.

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