From Shoes To Toys Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Things
Marc Gordon - August 19, 2019


By Greta Zwaan

I sought for joy in peace, and rest to ease my weary mind,
Stressed out by such a heavy load, rest I just had to find.
My endurance could hold no more, my limits had been met,
I needed time to stand aside, sweet time to just forget.

But where to find the road to peace, an obscure trait to me;
My hectic lifestyle can't comprehend a way to set time free.
I've always rushed from A to B with no side glace allowed,
I had my life so well controlled; in truth, I felt quite proud.

No one could tell me what to do, I was a self-made man;
My schedules were controlled by me, I had a thorough plan.
'Twas good when all things went my way and no one interfered;
I had no one to answer to, my way was always cleared.

But years of this brought me no joy, though fortunes I'd amassed;
It seemed that all the things I owned would oh, so soon be past.
I had no friends that knew my plight, I kept myself at bay,
They all had troubles of their own; besides, what could they say?

They envied me with all my wealth, they never saw my pain,
I had life altogether, what more was there to gain?
But loneliness is terrible and emptiness is sad,
There seems no purpose for each day, no reason to be glad.

So now I wait; why? I don't know, but life for me must change.
There must be more than fortunes, a way to rearrange.
There has to be a purpose, and someone surely knows,
Why life is complicated, and days so full of woes.

Perhaps you have the answer, perhaps you know the route,
Perhaps you've traveled here before; if so, please help me out.
If need be, I'll be patient, I'll even take advice;
I'll gladly make the changes, no matter what the price.

I don't need independence, I've had my round of that;
I long for understanding, to know just where I'm at.
Someday I hope to thank you because you saw my need,
Perhaps with greater meaning, with purpose, not with greed.

I don't know how I got here, what lies ahead of me,
I'm grateful there'll be changes, I'm grateful to be free.
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Although the products that we use on a regular basis are very dear to our hearts, we generally don’t think twice as to where they came from. But believe it or not, the saying that ”everything has a story” is truer than ever when it comes to products.  Each and every product has a different backstory and has it’s own strange and unique facts about it. Here are some that will completely change your world as you know it…..





You’ve probably never even wondered whether or not Barbie has a family name, but now you surely will. Her full name is actually Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she was based off of a German doll that the creator, Ruth Handler’s daughter would play with. Barbie’s very first outfit in 1959 was a striped swimsuit with a ponytail, and since then, there was no looking back. 



Ben & Jerry’s



So you know how Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is full of chunks in it, like their cookie dough flavor? Well, this is actually because Ben Cohen, the co-founder of the company has no sense of smell, and felt as though he needed texture in the ice cream in order to experience the taste to the fullest.


High Heels



As crazy as this may sound, high heels were originally designed to be men’s shoes. Around the 10th century, some innovative person decided that when horse-riding, the foot would stay more tightly in the shoe if it had a raised heel.  Armies of men started to wear them, and they quickly became a status symbol for both sexes. Over time, they became less fashionable for men, and the rest is history.



Fruit Loops



Fruit Loops are among one of the most colorful cereals and overall products out there. We can all agree on this. In turn, however, this has us all assuming that each color is a different flavor.  Well, sorry to break your hearts kids, but in actual fact, they are all the exact same flavor, and all have the exact same taste. Our mind is always playing tricks on us. 





We all know how popular iPhone’s are. But we don’t really know the extent of it. Ever since it first came out back in 2007,  over 516 million iPhone’s have been sold. To put things into perspective, more iPhone’s have been sold than the amount of people in the European Union. Not too shabby, Apple.





Ever wonder how much creme is inside an Oreo? Or try to make sure that you get the one with the most creme inside? Well, in all honesty, they are all created equal. The cookie to creme ratio is always, to no fail, a 71 to 29 percent ratio. No need to fight with your siblings anymore.