Frosted Tips Are Making A Comeback
Marc Gordon - January 6, 2018

As we’ve seen with most fashion trends, fashion tends to come and go in cycles. Each decade will come back in a later decade. Doesn’t matter how we feel about it, it happens. Nothing we can do about it.


The ’80s leather jackets and high-rise jeans are back. High neck dresses from the ’60s are back, flared trousers from the ’70s, and well, so much more.  Most of us would most likely be ready to go pretty quickly if we were given a time warp.


Most of the fashion trends that have come back are rather acceptable, and we certainly wouldn’t mind wearing them. But one thing that’s slightly more difficult to digest is frosted tips. Yes, frosted tips. They are back.  If you aren’t familiar with this term, try to picture Justin Timberlake in the ’90s.


It’s real shocking, real disappointing, and really doesn’t make sense why it’s come back.






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