Fruit Loop Cereal Straws Are Coming Back
Laura Lee - August 13, 2018

Many of us have already forgotten about the magical days of the Froot Loop Straws, but we most certainty should not have. Froot Loops are one of the very best cereals out there, and we all went absolutely crazy when they released a straw version.

All of a sudden, a simple and delicious way to make sure we didn’t miss a drop of the Froot-Loop flavored milk, and then an extra treat at the end of the bowl. It was complete perfection and when they were taken off the market, we were all heartbroken.

Suddenly, there was the easy and delicious way to drink up all that Froot Loop-flavored milk at the end of your breakfast, and then a bonus little treat after the fact. It was absolutely perfect, and when they took them away we all suffered.

It’s been quite a while since it’s been taken away from us, but some people such Hannah Wade have been holding onto the dream. She was so dedicated to bringing them that she actually started a petition to get them to bring them back.

It has been a while since the classic treat was discontinued, but there have been some people holding onto the dream, forcing the rest of us to remember. Then, Alex Hughesie tweeted “Since we’re starting to become more environmentally savvy and ditching plastic straws, may I recommend bringing these bad boys back.”

It went viral, and now they are finally bringing back the most epic cereal straws ever (for a limited time) and they will only be available at the Kellogg’s NYC Cafe.

Totally worth the trip, and maybe once they see how loved they are, they will expand.

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