The Funniest Collection Of Awkward Family Photos

Truth be told, we’ve all got a deep dark secret to hide from the world – that painfully awkward family photo of ours. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you are so not alone, and there are some families out there that are more awkward than you can even imagine. Perhaps you’ll start to appreciate your family after you go through these epic pictures…


Forever Yours



Aww…so romantic! We’re melting. Well, not quite to be honest. Actually, more like we’re cringing in pain at how incredibly awkward this couple is and we’re not sure to handle it right now.  At least one of them could seriously use a makeover to make this couple seem a little bit more normal and somewhat attractive.



Cringe & Congrats



As we wish this happy couple a big congratulations, we also just can’t help but cringe our souls away as we look at this super awkward family photo. Are they even aware that their so called child is actually just a plastic doll? We get that not everyone can conceive, but please, call down people. This is not normal in any way.


The Favorite Child



It seems as though their son didn’t quite fill his required duties before they photoshopped him into the seriously awkward family photograph.  So here we are left with the results of his bad behavior. Next year, hopefully, he will think twice before he acts and will get his homework done on time before the awkward family photo shoot takes place.



Daddy’s Watching



Well, this isn’t creepy at all…. not. This is actually super creepy like what the heck is going on here kind of creepy. Somebody call social services please ASAP. Perhaps this awkward family wanted to make it seem as though their father was still in the picture even though he couldn’t make it to the shoot – but it’s just straight up strange and not ok.


The Chain Gang


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This guitar-hero fanatic father is certainly not your everyday player. Not only does he like to bring his daughter into the picture, but he likes to play on the most intense level. A level so high that even the game itself doesn’t offer it because no one else has ever reached it before.  That’s probably because it’s not exactly safe. Let’s hope his little girl will be alright and that he doesn’t get too into a fast beat song.



Father Figure



Well, as much as it’s important for all of us to have a father figure in our lives, we’re not sure how good this one is doing. Perhaps he took the concept of figure a little too far, thinking that it was the perfect chance to show off his figure, but we really hope that his son doesn’t follow in his example. Especially not when it comes to taking family photos – that’s for sure!


Halloween Horror



While this had great potential to be cute…it really didn’t turn out to be cute at all. Not in the least bit…just straight up awkward and uncomfortable. There really was no need for this entire family to all dress up as pumpkins in order to celebrate halloween. One or two fine, perhaps purchasing some too. But this, really not working for yall.



Strange & Dangerous



Well, we really have absolutely no idea what’s going on here or what this father to be (if he even if the father to be) wants right now. He’s got the photographer at gun point – perhaps just to be funny and unique, standing out from all the other pregnancy photoshoots, but this is real awkward. So much so that it hurts.


Choking & Joking



While this father may be choking his son just as a joke – it’s really not that funny. In fact, it’s actually really dangerous and you never know what can happen. And not only is it super dangerous, but it’s also awkward as heck and it makes us want to gag look at. Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves people, please.



Die For You



If this is this couple’s way of showing that they would die for each other – then it’s really, really, but REALLY not working out for them. There are so many other, more normal and socially acceptable ways that they could have expressed their love for one another, starting with wearing clothing and not holding any sharp or dangerous objects. Just a thought though!


Daddy’s Girls



Daddy’s little girls absolutely love him and are all over him, all about him, and ready to do whatever he requests. Well, that’s kind of awkward and strange, now isn’t it? It looks like that’s the situation going on here though…unless of course these are all his wives. Either way, this awkward family photo is super uncomfortable and we’d prefer to move onto the next.



Gone Bananas



While they often say that people have ‘gone bananas’ this awkward family has LITERALLY gone bananas, and not just because they’ve got a bowl filled with them on their kitchen table, because they have posed for the most strange family picture ever. And also because most of them are not wearing enough clothing even when together not in the privacy of their own room.


A Family Matter



Well, when one sibling has to go to the dentist for an annual check up, her entire family of course has to come too, right? Well, wrong. And not only did her entire family decide to join her, but they also decided that it was totally necessary to take a family photo there. Awkward much? So much! Couldn’t they have just waited until they got back home?



Nude & Natural



While we’re all for being natural and in touch with nature, this is really just straight up pushing it to a whole new level that really should be illegal in all countries everywhere. Why in the world does a family need to wear a wool naked suit? Especially one with pubic hair. Geez, what has this world come to? Awkward family photos shock us each and every time….


Feeling Catty



It seems as though this couple was feeling rather catty this morning. While that’s alright, we would have appreciated it if they kept it to themselves and got a room. We didn’t need to see this awkward situation taking place, and they also really didn’t need to bring live cats into this picture. Total animal abuse right here.



Fond Family



This family is clearly very fond of each other, and they know exactly how to bring up their children, with strong values about how to treat others and deal with their anger.  Actually, more like everything NOT to do in life. Let’s hope these weapons are fake and are just being used in the picture as a terrible prank – because this is far more than your average awkward family photo.


Father-Son Bond



They say there’s nothing quite like the father-son bond. Well, we have no doubt about that – but we have no idea that it could be so incredibly romantic and juicy. We’re also not really sure how appropriate it is. This father should probably be kissing his wife in such a way, and maybe just lighting hugging his son. Something like that might seem more acceptable?



Intimate Ink



This dad was maybe worried that he would forget what his family looks like, so he came up with a pretty reasonable solution. Not. This is everything but reasonable. Really, just keep a small picture of them in your wallet like most normal people do, please. Or just try to remember you own family without needed to have external reminders.


Onsie Fun-sy



In some cases, it can be super cute to tickle your little man. In this case, it’s not. It’s just uncomfortable. Straight up uncomfortable, awkward, strange, and just wrong. We also really don’t get why the entire family had to wear onesies.



Bridal Style



Is this supposed to be the new bridal trend? Depicting what ”sweeping me off my feet” truly means? Because if it is, then it’s really, really not working and these are the kinds of wedding photos we want to have around in any shape or form. This looks more like abuse then romance and is more uncomfortable than any other awkward family photo we’ve seen.


Cosmic Kitty


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This cool cat is sure having a blast during this family photo shoot. He’s their beautiful little baby, and it’s safe to say that he’s even feeling over the moon, like shooting for the stars. It’s an astronomical experience, in the most awkward way possible. In all honesty, he’s a lot more normal and collected than his seriously awkward parents, and we’re pretty sure that he didn’t choose to be here.



Applause for Mrs. Claus


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Mrs. Clause most certainly deserves a big round of applause for her seriously bold Christmas outfit. While we’re already celebrating her incredible achievements, we might as well also give her another round of applause for giving birth at her age, and for also finding herself such a young partner. Clearly she’s got it going on, regardless of how strange and awkward this Christmas family photo may be.


Branching Out


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The wonderful outdoors can be a really great place to take the perfect family photo and makes for an ideal backdrop in a natural green setting. It shows that this family is always ready for their next adventure. Just next time, do take note not to take such an embarrassing one, starting with sitting in a much less awkward position. Also, losing the matching outfits might also be helpful to make this family photo just a little more classy. 



Chimp off the Old Block


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Family photos include literally EVERYONE in the family, regardless of whether they are actually human or not, that’s for sure. And this time around, they’ve gone further than just some adorable little puppies, they’ve brought their gang of adorable little monkeys. More than just three little monkeys. And apparently, this also applies to outfits too, that everyone should look just as awkward as the other.


Hold On Tight In Blue & White



There’s really nothing better than a perfectly coordinated family outfit on point, especially when it’s family photo shoot day. Here’s a pro time though: make sure your color scheme doesn’t match the background of the photo shoot. Never a good idea. Also, make sure not to hug your parent’s legs if you don’t want to be the most awkward family in the history of awkward families.



“Fun” with Photoshop


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When they say less is more, they really mean it, and it’s more than true when it comes to family photos. Really, anything less would have been so much better and more normal. This one with some serious post-production effects seriously went over the top, and it’s not one that we want hanging up on anyone’s wall. This photoshoot is not one to be remembered, but rather forgotten, and placed as far as possible from our memory.


Totally Not Phone-y


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Now here is a family that truly knows how to push each other’s buttons. Yes, pun totally and completely intended. Well, at least they know how to stay well connected at all costs, but they may have slightly overdone by making it so clear in their family photo shoot. Next time, just save it for later. Also, your children are too young to have their own cell phones.



Silly with Silicone


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So they say that there is really no bond stronger than the bond between a father and a son. Well, maybe just one thing on second thought: the chemical bonds inside a silicone implant. That might be slightly stronger on a technical level, but clearly, this pair loves each other so much, especially since this father has decided to take his little man to work with him and already start preparing him for his future as a plastic surgeon.


Teasing For Dummies


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While there may very well be a dummy in this family, it won’t stop the girls from obsessively teasing their hair.  This photo truly proves that a family who styles together stays together. That’s the spirit, even if it may seem rather dum with these dummies and pets.  It’s all about attitude, and this family has got it all going on for them and are winning so hard to awkwardness.



The Greatest Gift


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For anyone out there that didn’t seem to get the memo just yet, please do take note: plumbing and Christmas do not go so well together after all. Christmas is a joyous holiday, while plumbing isn’t exactly what we would call exciting or a reason to celebrate. Clearly, however, this father didn’t realize or understand this, but at least his kids are getting a kick out of it and will have this memory for a lifetime. 


Mostly Ghostly


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They are mostly, ghostly, and seem as though they are having everything but a very Merry Christmas. They look rather paralyzed, almost as though they are dolls, and it’s pretty creepy and awkward. We wouldn’t want to be celebrating with them, to say the least. Maybe next year, or for someone that has a strange fetish for dolls.



Just Chocking, Not Joking


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While most people often say Just Joking, this family seriously isn’t joking. In fact, they are just chocking, not joking. This seriously painfully awkward family seems to have absolutely no problem with their son and brother so very casually chocking his mother. She also seems to be just fine with this strange and dangerous situation. Well, you know, to each their own, right? As long as everyone is safe and happy.


Strong Family Genes


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So is this what they mean what they said strong genes? We’re not sure, to be honest, but it looks like they have both strong genes and jeans, especially if they can hold up each other’s body weight with these jeans without being in too much pain, keeping a perfect smile on each of their faces.  This super happy family of five depicts the meaning of strong genes in the most awkward way possible.



Frugal Father


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After buying four pair of matching pajamas, these parents just simply couldn’t afford another pair for the father, so they decided to skip out on clothing for him for the greater good of the wife and daughters. Skipping on clothes, especially for a photo shoot is always a good idea. Not. Unless of course, you want to be super duper awkward. Then it’s a great idea.


Holiday Cheer is Here


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Yikes! This is not exactly your standard everyday family Christmas card. But hey, it seems to be working for them, right? We’re not sure what these people are to him, but we sure they aren’t his daughters, and that they aren’t related to him anyway. We also hope that this is just a Christmas joke and an awkward attempt to make a funny holiday card. Otherwise, we really have no comment.

Yikes! This is not your standard everyday family Christmas card. But hey, it seems to be working for them.



Old Testy-ment


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Well, clearly they are just trying to get into the holiday spirit, right? They just want to touch on the roots of their ancient forefathers from the Bible, right? Well, we really can only hope so. Otherwise, we should be very, very alarmed as to what’s going on here right now. This family has beyond just taking your standard awkward family photo, that’s for sure.


Masked by Mommy


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For whatever reason, perhaps due to this poor child’s unfortunate looks, his mother decided that their family photo would be best off with their son’s face masked and covered up for no one else to see. That can be a very good sign, and even if he wasn’t exactly the most beautiful child out there, they could have included him in their family photo not only out respect for their son but also to not make their family photo so incredibly awkward.



Ravishing Red Heads


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What an adorable family of gingers, all wearing matching outfits, and all with the same miserably forced smile on their faces. They all look like adorable little carrot sticks, that are just waiting to be grated into a salad. All being redheads would have been enough, but then all putting on matching outfits really took things to the next level of awkward.


Clutching vs. Touching


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So it seems as though each and every family is different, and has a different level of comfort within their homes. They also seem to have a very different understanding of what’s considered to be acceptable and normal. This family clearly isn’t your everyday family, that’s for sure.  And please don’t ever follow their example if you want to keep your family safe.



A Shady Family


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While it is quite obvious that something about this family is pretty shady, we’re not exactly sure what it is exactly. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are all wearing sunglasses, but hey, that could just be us.  They all look pretty serious, and to be honest, we are rather doubtful that there’s even some real sun here as they are posing behind merely a photograph of the outdoors.


Head of the Household


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There is really only one way for a husband and father to truly prove that he is the head of the family. And that would be by allowing the rest of his family to take a photo with his head. Although rather strange, perhaps he felt as though this was the only way to prove his position as head of the family. Let’s just hope they don’t eat him up for dinner.



Prom is the Bomb


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Prom is really the bomb. This rather unfortunate couple surely feels that way and went all out in their photoshoot.  While we would probably agree that prom is the bomb and a really great reason to celebrate, this couple surely made it a lot more awkward and uncomfortable then it needs to be.  They could have just stood up for a second.


A Rabbit Habit


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Awkward family photos at it’s finest. We’re not even sure how many of these rabbits are real, and how many are plastic. But that’s beside the point. Whatever is happening here right now is not alright and is making us very, very uncomfortable.  They couldn’t have just posed with their pet puppy and called a day?



Consent Counts


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When it comes to mutual consent, it goes far beyond just two people in a romantic relationship. Consent is something that is an important part of any relationship, whether it be a friendship, a worker to employee relationship, or yes, even one with your own child. This adorable little guy surely didn’t agree to all of this family loving going on, but thankfully for us, it has left us with a hilarious family photo.


Would Take A Bullet For That Mullet


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This hippie yet rather awkward family would definitely take a bullet for a mullet. It’s what they live by. Nothing comes before the mullet, it’s their family pride and joy, and what they believe in. Well, as strange as this may be, one day this unique look may come back and then you’ll all be wishing you looked just like them. But, probably not in all honesty.



Double Trouble


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Like mother, like daughter, as they say. Or like son? We’re really not too sure which one this child is to be honest, and it’s pretty awkward and uncomfortable. We’re also not sure if this is the mother or father. They probably should have skipped the family holiday card this year until they figured it out and set their lives straight. But perhaps they didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.


Three Dumb for Freedom


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How many shirtless guys does it take to take an awkward picture? Apparently three. Apparently more than it takes to put in a lightbulb. Although each of these men on their own are seriously awkward too. In fact, so much so, that it’s actually painful to watch. Does anyone need a bandaid? An ambulance?



Clowning Around


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Grandpa is perhaps trying to joke around with his new grandson, but somehow – it’s not working for him. We’re not sure why exactly though, but the baby really looks less than pleased at this very moment. Perhaps it’s the way he’s holding him, or perhaps it’s his terrifying face paint or his hippie t-shirt. Thoughts?


The Pain Train


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Ouch. This family does not look the least bit comfortable. Just straight up awkward. We’ve heard of massage trains, but pain trains? That’s a first, and really is just the exact opposite of what a massage train is supposed to be, you know something that makes everyone feel good. Not something that has everyone suffering down there.



Marvelous Misfit


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The guy on the right is what we could call a marvelous misfit. And no, not just his outfit. His entire persona as a whole is completely off from this happy go lucky family. They probably should have just photoshopped him out of their family photo, but then perhaps they wouldn’t have made it into this article.


Creative Couple


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Who wants to have a standard, boring photoshoot when you can have a rifle and a parrot? These guys certainly don’t, and have proven that point in the most strange, hilarious, and awkward way possible. We can only imagine what will happen once they have children! Best of luck.



Sassy Sibs


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Sassy, shocked, and sizzling siblings pretty much sums it up for this happy bunch of kids. Also awkward family photo perfectly sums them up too. Where are their parents to be looking out for them and making sure that they don’t make terrible choices such as dressing like this.


Nude Nonsense


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Some families have a no-nonsense policy, and then well there’s other well nude-nonsense policies. This would be one of those families without a doubt, and we really don’t know how to feel about it and what to do about it. Call child services?



A Worldly Womb


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Not everyone wants to just be pregnant. Some of us want to take things up a notch and make it something on a more global level. Clearly, this woman and her partner couldn’t just be basic and have a normal pregnancy. Nop, that would not have been an option at all.


 Must Ask About The Moustache


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Is this the mother or the father of these three little girls?  Still trying to make sense of this uncomfortable situation, and we must ask about this moustache – what the heck is going on here? These girls are going to have a very strange and confusing upbringing.



Playing & Displaying


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Why give just one show when you can give two at the same time? These guys know how it’s done and how to save you all time and money in this busy society. Even if it’s not exactly what you asked for. You know you want it.


Savage Santa


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Santa may have overheard some children talking and saying that they don’t believe he exists.  Clearly, though, he didn’t manage to win the fight, although he did leave with some harsh battle wounds while at it. Merry Christmas yall. Keep it classy!



Horrific Halloween


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These young parents just wanted their child to have (although not yet born) a memorable first Halloween. No harm done, right? Well, maybe not to the child at this point, but it’s safe to say that harm was done to the rest of us who had to see this picture.


 Divorced Horse


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So this is what life after marriages look like. Still dreaming of getting married? You might want to think twice before rushing into anyway, and consider the pros and cons of making this big move. Perhaps you are better just staying friends for now. You never know what can happen afterwards.



Chimps & Chimneys


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There is so, so much going on in this picture right now and each and every detail deserves a closer look. First of all – she’s not wearing any pants which is a big no no. And then there’s also the giant stuffed animal just hanging out there in the corner. Oh and then let’s not forget the pet monkey sitting on her lap. What the heck.


The North Pole


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Perhaps this is their family’s way of feeling closer to the North Pole this Christmas season. Well, as strange as it may seem – kudos to these guys getting so into the holiday spirit, as awkward and as strange as it may be on the surface. When you can get to the North Pole, find another kind of pole to compensate.



Oh, Deer.


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Oh Dear, there are way too many human beings in awkward deer positions in one photo. This family has totally lost it this Christmas and has tried way too hard to be original in their holiday greeting card. They would have been so much better off being like everyone else, or even just not sending any kind of card of this year.


All Wrapped Up


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This family clearly misunderstood the idea of wrapping presents together.  Generally, people don’t wrap up themselves, FYI. Well, it seems as though they got the memo a little bit too late, and are already all wrapped up this Christmas. Better luck next year folks.



Cone Clones


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It is common for families to wear similar outfits, or strike a similar pose in a holiday card. Clearly, this family took things a little too far in trying to make their dog feel apart of things. We get it that you feels super close to your furry friend, but he didn’t need to be matching you guys so much. It would have been fine to just all be in the picture together.


Holiday Packing


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Christmas packing looks like so much fun! Especially in this fun loving family. Somehow though, we think we’re gonna pass on joining this year. Maybe next Christmas if we haven’t yet ran as far, far away as possible from this creepy family that looks like they are about to blow all of our brains out. Yikes!



Nightmare Before Christmas


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This is the real nightmare before Christmas. Not just the fictional movie that is supposed to kind of scare you. Santa wants you to keep his little secret safe with you. Call child services right about now and keep all of your windows tightly shut and doors double locked.


Nutty Crackers


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So there’s the Nutcracker, and then there are the…nutty crackers.  This family clearly really connected to the show, probably even a little too much. Parents, haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Keep your children locked up at home and don’t expose them to the crazy world out there. Because your family will end up something like this.



Family Tree


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Mostly, a family tree is made in our childhood years at school with crayons and markers. For this family, however, that simply didn’t cut it. They wanted to do something special this holiday season to honor their roots, and have decided to make a family tree on a whole new level.


Sneaky Santa


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Santa is feeling sneaky this year.  Let’s just hope no kidnappings happen this Christmas season. It looks like he might have some secret plans up his sleeve that might not be so merry for the rest of us. Especially not for mother’s of baby girls. Lock your doors as tightly as possible people.



Don’t Lift The Gift


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We sure as heck hope this seriously awkward family never, ever lifts up their gifts. Even if this means never knowing what Santa gave them this year. That would be a whole lot better and a whole lot more appropriate although it might hurt to never know what’s inside those packages.


Yikes in Stripes


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So there’s Christmas spirit – and then there’s this. These stripes have made us all go crazy, and not in the good way. They look like candy canes but there’s really nothing about them that makes us want to lick them. Everything but lick them, and they look everything but sweet.



New Year, New Fear


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Some mothers often say that they feel like they have two children – their own baby, and then their husband. It looks like this father has absolutely no problem with that either. No problem at all, and that he wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


Festive & Suggestive


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Just because festive rhymes with suggestive, it does not mean that the two need to be combined. Nop. It does not mean this at all. This couple, however, somehow did not get the memo this year, and decided to put the two together. Well, we can’t say that we’re not lol-ing over this.



Decor for Four


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Daddy is our big star! But if we really loved him we would have known better not to have made him suffer through this terribly awkward photoshoot. Some people don’t always understand the meaning of true love and get confused and do strange things in attempts to express their feelings. This is one of those moments.


Creepy Claus


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So there’s Santa Claus, and then there’s Creepy Claus.  Decipher between the two wisely, or else. Well, you don’t want to know what else, because we’re sure it won’t be pretty.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a safe one too, of course. Watch out people.



Merry & Scary


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Our family would like to wish you from the bottom of our (very empty) hearts, a very merry and scary Christmas is basically what they are saying in their deep silence. To be honest, we’re not even sure why they came here in the first place since they clearly don’t look like the type of people that like to celebrate Christmas – or anything for that matter.


Noel From Hell


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We thought that Christmas was a joyous holiday. Well, that’s what we thought. But clearly, not for all of us, unfortunately. This Santa will probably be staying in the North Pole next year, and won’t be wanting to come back to civilization any time soon. He’s surely had his fix for the next few years. Sorry kids.



Naughty & Nice


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Season’s greetings! It’s the happiest time of the year! Lots of presents and smiles. Some of us though, haven’t yet gotten into the holiday spirit, and some of us simply just never will get there either. Well, that’s ok, we just hope that her parents are ok with this Christmas card they’ve taken. Totally epic.


Nativity Creativity


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Christmas cards can get boring, with many of them looking just like the other.  This couple took creativity to a whole other level, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Actually, on second thought – were sure. And we’re sure that it’s terrible and creepy and awkward and not working for them in any way.



The Prey Way


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Every family has their own way of doing things. This family, in particular, likes to include prey in their family. Well, that’s a first. Dogs, yeah that’s alright and normal – but birds? What the heck? Also who even has a pet bird these days? Was four children not already enough for them to handle?


Reason for the Season


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Is there any reason for this, even though it’s the season? No, absolutely not. This photo is totally and completely unjustifiable. Also, where in the world did they get all of these dogs? It’s a little excessive, and a little awkward.



Two of a Kind


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This couple may be trying to say Happy Holidays, but all they’re really saying is Happy Hillbillies, in the most awkward way possible. They may say that special people are one of a kind, but this matching couple prove that they really are two of a kind.


Christmas Cuddles


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Christmas is all about being together with family and friends and cuddling up together by the fireplace. This couple, however, has got is down all wrong, and the only thing they’ve got down is the whole awkward family photo thing.



Raunchy Reindeer


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These people could have done things a whole lot differently to get into the holiday spirit. They look more like they’ve got two waving hands on their heads, and getting pushed by a truck looks like a serious hazard. Anything would have been better than this. Even not celebrating.


Sassy Siblings


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This is a less than festive way to wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas, just saying. But hey – to each their own right? And we’ve had enough anyway of all those cookie cutter perfect family Christmas cards anyway, they are all the same. We just hope no one was harmed in the making of this one.



Holiday Cheer


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This family seriously does not seem to mind what’s going on in their holiday picture. Well, we sure do. We really, really mind what’s going on here because it’s just really awkward and it looks like their laugh was so forced and fake.


Merry Catsmas


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So there’s ugly Christmas sweaters. And then, there’s this.  But we will try not to be too catty about it. This guy and his cat though are totally catty about it and there’s nothing that can be done about.  We hope they get the memo next year that it’s actually Christmas, and not Catsmas.



Sweater Weather


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If either of these two ever gets lost, whoever finds them will know exactly who to return them to.  But we sure hope they never get separated, especially not on Christmas. That would be a complete disaster, since this couple is very clearly all about each other. Awkward, yet adorable.


Merry & Hairy


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While most of us like to keep things traditional and wish each other a very Merry Christmas, others like to keep things interesting and mix it up.  Sometimes though, it can get rather out of hand, like this situation. It really wasn’t so necessary at all.



Shining Star


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The holidays can be stressful and get out of hand.  For this couple, this was most certainly the case. We hope she makes it out alive on time for New Years and for more Christmases to come. If not, well then, that’s really unfortunate and not so festive at all. 


Jingle Bells


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This is what you call a real snow bro.  Taking Christmas outfits and spirits to a whole new level, with a PG rating. We thought that Christmas sweaters were meant to be festive, fun, light, and you know – appropriate for everyone. Clearly this wasn’t the case though.



Freaky Festivities


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For most of us, when it comes to the holidays, things are cheery and joyous. For others, things are creepy and freaky. For this guy, he went with the latter, but we’re not sure he even really had the choice. Some people were just born this way.


Goat Tote


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Everyone has that thing that they are passionate about. Mostly, it’s their children, their art, or their sport. For this unique couple, it’s their goat. Yes, you read that right – their dear pet goat. While we’ve never heard of this one before – everyone is entitled to do whatever makes them happy, right?



Dandy with Randy


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Not everyone is capable of bringing children into the world, but a holiday picture can look rather empty without. So here’s the solution. It’s simple enough. It might not exactly be as good as the real thing – but hey, take what you can get. That’s the attitude! 


Holly with Dolly


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Not every family is your perfect, traditional, suburban family from the movies.

But then again, a bulldog and a plastic dog aren’t generally considered to be a family either. Whatever floats your boat and whatever will offer the internet an epic awkward family photo though.



Flatulent Family


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It looks like every member of this family is about to let out a whole lot of gas. Perhaps that’s their holiday cheer? It’s surely a unique and loud one that will truly stand out from other families. Nowadays, you’ve got to make yourself different from others in order to be something.


Chuckle Couple


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We simply can’t help but chuckle at this couple. And somehow it even also rhymes at the same time! Would you look at that! Their ugly Christmas sweaters combined with their super awkward characters are just too much to handle right now. Maybe try again next year.



Killer Clan


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This family might think that their holiday greeting card is a killer, but they may not have noticed that their son actually really just wants to kill himself. That’s the only thing that’s really killer about this photo and this family. Major yikes. Stay safe crew!


Matching Madness


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Matching can be cute here and there, especially when it comes to family photos. But somehow, this family, really did not manage to pull it off. Perhaps it was their color choice or the fact that all of them are actually wearing the exact same thing. Awkward family photo at it’s finest. Lovely.



The Other Brother


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Kudos to this guy for being drug-free. Although we totally understand what pushed him off the edge to start in the first place.  It can be tough to come from a super weird family. We feel for you man and are not only really proud of you, but also really grateful for providing us with this awkward family photo.


Jingle Bells Jacuzzi


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Jingle bells, Christmas lights, and all that fun stuff in the holiday spirit is truly wonderful. A hot tub is also a great way to relax over the holiday. Just please, make sure to keep it appropriate. This however is everything but appropriate. You don’t get in the hot tub with your family. You just don’t.



Possible Parents


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Perhaps this is this couple’s unique way of announcing their pregnancy this holiday season? The only thing is that were not sure which one of them is pregnant, or if they just had too much to eat for Christmas dinner. All the options are relevant at this point.


Liberal Lovers


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These grandparents sure know how to celebrate Christmas in style, and how to express their deep love and passion for each other. Children, please cover your eyes for your own good and safety. You don’t want to grow up to be like this. Do not follow this example in any way, shape, or form.



Touching Moments


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Christmas can be a very special time, with tons of emotions. It can be very touching. This Santa however, somehow didn’t fully understand what they meant by touching, however, and decided to take the word to the next level and take it very literally. Major yikes. Protect your children folks.


Ice Ice Baby



Well isn’t this adorable, totally original and hilarious? Way to go guys! We absolutely love how you thought out of the box and actually went to the effort of going to the gas station of buying two bags of ice to make sure that your pregnancy announcement was the best one yet. That’s a real investment, and no one will be closing their browser on you. This surely deserves to go viral, and these two really deserve couple of the year.



Come On Top Of Me



While this newly engaged couple probably didn’t intend to have a hilarious engagement announcement in the newspaper, somehow it just worked out that way. Perhaps it has something to do with their epic last names that just so perfectly go together. If you haven’t yet gotten the joke, have a second look at both of their last names and be sure to read them both out loud, one after the other. Let’s hope she never takes his name because we need things to stay this way for a happy marriage.


Spot On



What we love about this pregnancy announcement is that it’s completely no frills, no photoshop, no editing, no fluffing anything. It says it exactly how it is and shows the other side of the equation, what goes on behind closed doors. This announcement surely won’t have any of us feel bad about ourselves or jealous of this couple, which is the main reason that we really appreciate it. Let’s just hope his wife approved him sharing this on Facebook.



Game Over



In this highly original and comical engagement announcement, this happy couple shows that the game is officially over. There’s no more fight to be put up, and she’s chosen the best brother of the two.  While the other brother was all dressed up for the occasion and seems rather bummed out at her choice, we’re sure he will be happy for them on their big day.  If not, well then he will surely just trick her into believing he’s the one she chose.


What’s Cooking



What’s cooking good looking? Actually there’s nothing edible in the oven, so that’s kind of a buzz kill in all honesty, but otherwise, this pregnancy announcement is pretty epic in a special kind of way. Perhaps they took things a step too far, but we’re sure they just didn’t want to bore their friends with another standard announcement. As long as they bring some pie or something else delicious to the baby shower we will forgive them.



Time’s Up



Sorry Hazel, but your time is up. You’ve had a good run over here, living rent-free in the crib paid for by your loving parents, but there is someone new in town who is just slightly more important than you at this time. We’re sorry, it’s not personal, it’s just the way it is darling. Here is your eviction notice! We’ve given you enough time in advance to clear out and find a new space. Epic announcement – way to go guys.