Getting Ready For New Years
Claire Miles - December 26, 2021


By Shel Silverstein

Lester was given a magic wish
By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree,
And with his wish he wished for two more wishes-
So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three.
And with each one of these
He simply wished for three more wishes,
Which gave him three old wishes, plus nine new.
And with each of these twelve
He slyly wished for three more wishes,
Which added up to forty-six -- or is it fifty-two?
Well anyway, he used each wish
To wish for wishes 'til he had
Five billion, seven million, eighteen thousand thirty-four.
And then he spread them on the ground
And clapped his hands and danced around
And skipped and sang, and then sat down
And wished for more.
And more...and more...they multiplied
While other people smiled and cried
And loved and reached and touched and felt.
Lester sat amid his wealth
Stacked mountain-high like stacks of gold,
Sat and counted -- and grew old.
And then one Thursday night they found him
Dead -- with his wishes piled around him.
And they counted the lot and found that not
A single one was missing.
All shiny and new -- here, take a few
And think of Lester as you do.
In a world of apples and kisses and shoes
He wasted his wishes on wishing.

2022 is just around the corner, and many of us are making plans for this next year. Some of these resolutions may include losing weight, making more time for friends and family, or simply improving their lives in some way. Others might set out to travel more or get themselves out of debt. The opportunity for a fresh start is nearly irresistible to people after the hedonistic excesses of the holiday season. For many, a new year is a time for self-improvement and change. The whole world is setting resolutions! Millions of people across all seven continents have made promises to themselves on how they will live their lives from now on.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Noam Galai

The best part is that the whole world is set out on this path of self-improvement together. Think of all the advantages of having a whole planet on your side as you struggle to improve yourself. There’s no time like the present, so why not start now? Join together with humanity and set out on a path of self-improvement with the rest of us. There’s a sort of electricity in the air during every New Years’ celebration. It almost feels like anything could happen. The fireworks might be better than they were at the 4th of July celebration last year. The ball might drop out of the sky and through your living room window into the pool, or all of your friends might show up at your house party to surprise you. The new year might be the start of some incredible series of events that forever change your life.

The start of a new year brings hope and opportunity. People resolve to change their lives for the better, whether that means changing their careers or losing weight – but why wait until January 1st to make a change? It’s never too late to make a change or to start working toward your goals, so if you’re thinking of something that you’d like to accomplish this year, there’s no reason not to start doing it now. There are always new beginnings, whether they come at the beginning of a new week, month, or year – chances for people to start fresh. Why not seize the opportunity and use that momentum to get started on your New Year’s resolution? We can’t wait to welcome 2022 and hope it’s brighter than 2021!