Go From Casual To Work Chic
Laura Lee - April 9, 2022

An essential fashion tip is knowing how to style an outfit differently. This tip is efficient and helps save money in the long run. Swinging between casual and comfortable in a work setting can be tricky. Whether you like it or not, your job outfit says a lot about you. So it’s no surprise that corporate dress requirements may be challenging to pull off with round-the-clock meetings and late nights at the office.

Getty Images/Westend61

Adding a tailored jacket to your overall outfit adds a classy touch. When in doubt, transform your casual look to a workplace ready with a coat and pointed shoes.
Another trick is to ditch your skinny jeans for wide-legged pants as they breathe life into your look. Again, you can select from various colors depending on your mood. From 9 to 5, these pants give off vibes that make you feel powerful. They’re comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, they’re ideal for dressing up your business clothes. They also look well with knits, basic tops, and button-down shirts.

Next is to tuck in your shirt correctly. The shirt doesn’t always have to be a cotton shirt. Although cotton shirts are fine if you want to step up your style, go for a shirt with a design or one made of silk or linen. Pumps will never go out of style and remain timeless pieces. So, add a sophisticated look to your workspace feel by trading in the open-toe sandals for a pair of classic pumps. Nothing screams work attire more than a good old leather purse. You can pick any size you like, but make sure it has enough room for your personal and professional belongings. When choosing work bags, choose square leather bags that you may also use for a post-work drink. Lastly, be bold by adding more colors to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different beige, camel, and pink tones.

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