Going To Concerts Is Good For Your Health According To Science
Andrew Parker - January 23, 2018

This is the sign you’ve been looking for.  According to a newly released study, concerts are good for your health, and can even help you live a longer life.  You probably knew, somewhat at least, that seeing live music is always good for your well-being. But now, science has proven that concerts not only make you feel good, but also make you healthier too.

The study was led by a telecommunications services provider in the United Kingdom, 02.  It found that attending concerts on a regular basis could extend your life by an entire nine years.  It was also found that attending gigs at least every two weeks can seriously increase your well-being.  Well-being was defined by the study as a sense of self-esteem, happiness, contentment and productivity.

So basically, all that money you spent on concert tickets, is now officially justified. Say goodbye to guilt. You really just had your health at mind, of course, and there’s no price on that.  The study measured the heart rate levels as well as the psychological responses of people at concerts, and observed how both their bodies and minds responded to the stimulation of the concert.

After a mere 20 minutes of concert-goes enjoying the music, it was shown that there were significant changes in several areas. Participants were found to have an increase of 25 percent in their self-worth, as well as a 75 percent increase in their mental stimulation.  It was also reported that they felt a 25 percent increase in feeling closer connected to those around them.

Although the study does not clearly specify how well-being and a longer lifespan are correlated, there have been past research that has shown connections between the two.  Do note however, that it’s not a completely concrete science just yet. But continue to buy concert tickets dear friends, science will continue to do it’s best to back you up.

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