Google Maps Gets Nostalgic For April Fools
Marc Gordon - April 1, 2018

It’s the question we’ve been seeking the answer to for decades: Where’s Waldo? Beginning today and continuing for rest of the week, Google has challenged its curious-minded, nostalgic-ridden users on a series of quests to find our allusive friend Waldo. But, where is he hiding exactly? Log onto Google Maps on iOS, Andrioid, or desktop and Waldo will be waiting for you.



The experience is something straight out of the classic children’s puzzle books. Once you begin, your map transforms in a page of hidden characters including our striped shirt friend and many old favorites as well (Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and more).



It may have started as an April Fools joke designed by Google, but users are taking the challenge very seriously (as they should). Once you complete a puzzle by finding Waldo (optional: finding his various friends as well), you move on to the next level in a new location on the map.



So, if you think you’re up for the challenge, open up Google Maps and look for that familiar face peeking out from the left side of your screen.


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