Groovy Updates About Austin Powers 4
Claire Miles - October 26, 2018

The ultimate man of mystery is without a doubt, the one and only: Austin Powers.  When the first of his movie series came out in 1997 (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) it felt like the world had completely been changed (for the better, of course).

This incredibly hilarious, and ridiculous comedy entered the world, and it was all anyone could talk about.  It became popular to make references to the movie, and especially holding up our pinkies next to the side of our mouths while saying ”one million dollars”. It was truly legendary.

Although we’ve been so blessed to already have had three movies in the series, we are still not yet ready to give up on our groovy dude Austin.  An entire sixteen years have gone by since Goldmember was released, and now we are all ready for a fourth movie.

Thankfully Mike Meyers, who both wrote and starred in the movies, has shared some secrets that have got us thinking that good things are about to happen.  He has recently revealed, with a naughty smile on his face, that Dr. Evil will be back ”soon”.  Meyers has also shared that ”it’s looking good”. It seems as though there’s a lot more going on than he discuss, but he’s got us all feeling ready and hopeful.

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