Grown Up Lip Balm Necklaces
Laura Lee - July 13, 2018

So do you recall those super trendy necklaces that we carried our lip balm in during the ’90s? Well, you’re in luck, because they’ve now introduced an adult version of this nostalgic gem.

Lilu Lip Care has recently come out with a sterling silver lip balm necklace, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to take our balm with us wherever we go, pockets or not.  No one will ever know, until you of course untwist the cap and apply it like a secret ninja.

They’ve made four different styles, all of which are made from sterling silver, and are specially designed to hold their lip balm pearls.  There are also four different balms to choose from, including Radiant Red, Perfect Pink, Simple Shimmer and Berry Blush. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choosing one, you can always go for the assortment pack.

These necklaces are rather high-end, priced at $149. Although it may be a whole lot more than you spent in the ’90s, this one is made from quality products and there’s no price on nostalgia.

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