Hairstyles for Work
Claire Miles - February 21, 2023

re you bored of opening your hair for work and not tying them? Are you bored with your existing hairstyles and want to change your hairstyle? If you said yes, then we are your next best friend. According to our research, the majority of women don’t tie their hair for work and let them open. But just opening them and curling their hair is not working for women anymore. They want to do something different but subtle. We have several different hairstyle options for you that are appropriate for work and aren’t time-consuming as well.

Getty Images/Moment/Raul Ortin

Firstly, you can make a braid with the top half of your hair. With this hairstyle, you won’t need to constantly fix your hair as well but you get to keep them open as well. You can try different types of braid for example basic braid, French braid, etc. This will make you look professional yet stylish as well. Secondly, you can tie a high pony and wrap one strand of your hair in the ponytail to make it look sleeker and professional. This hairstyle won’t take you longer than five minutes. If you apply anti-frizz mousse, it will help keep your hairstyle intact all day. But high ponytails do tend to give a headache if it’s tied tightly.

Thirdly, you can make side braids or side twists on both sides for a new hairstyle. This will make your open hair look voluminous but professional as well. Side braids might take some time but side twists can be made within five minutes which is our main goal. Lastly, you can tie your hair in a ponytail and add a ponytail to the same strand of your hair. This will divide your ponytail into two parts. This hairstyle has been particularly trending in 2022 as it doesn’t require ample time as well.

You need to ensure your hair is entangled before trying any of these hairstyles. It’s better to try these hairstyles a night before styling your hair for work. A plus point for all these hairstyles is that they don’t make your hair look greasy at all; in fact, it helps to hide the greasiness which works for us.

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