Hannah Montana’s 13th Anniversary
Laura Lee - March 26, 2019

March 24 marked the 13 year anniversary since the first episode of Hannah Montana premiered on Disney Channel. Miley Cyrus shared a Twitter post of her younger self with a caption noting the significant date for the show that made her famous. “It’s the 13th anniversary of the first HM episode to air”. Even Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, took to Twitter to pay tribute to the much-beloved show. He shared a throwback photo of the cast with the caption: “Dang Flabbit! Happy Anniversary #HannahMontana! 13 years ago today we released the pilot!”

It’s pretty clear to the world that Miley has changed a lot since her younger days starring in Hannah Montana. On Instagram, she posted some pretty classic 2013 VMA Miley- you know what we’re talking about. She posted a photo to her Instagram Story with a hilarious side-by-side comparison of her 2013 twerk-dancing self to her younger Hannah Montana days.

She continued to poke fun at herself in a series of Instagram Stories referring to her wild years after her rise to fame. Miley also posted about growing into a feminist, animal rights advocate, and LGBTQ advocate. This 13 year anniversary was a great moment for Miley to reflect on her growth and for the world to marvel at the immense changes she has gone through. Career-wise, Miley has earned lots of awards and nominations including Artist of the Year by MTV in 2013 and was included on the annual TIME 100 list of the most influential people in 2008 and 2014.

We love you, Miley!

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