Has The Queen Had Pizza?
Andrew Parker - January 20, 2019

The stunning duchess Kate Middleton made her very first royal engagement of the new year when the made a stop by the King Henry’s Walk Community Garden.  She seemed to be totally comfortable, at ease, and in her element as she spent a few hours with a group of adorable children.

Together, they did make some birdhouses, gardened, and even made pizza. While rolling dough and discussing which toppings to use, an 8 year old asked Kate a question that might have never been asked before ”Has the queen ever had pizza?”.

Kate, caught on camera, paused for a moment and had no idea. She told the girl in the cutest and most sincere way possible that she will be sure to ask the queen next time they meet.  None of us have probably ever thought about this earlier, but now that the question has been brought up, we’re all dying to know!

Kate, we’re waiting for you to do your research and get back to us!

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