Hello Kitty Flights Are Too Cute For Words
Claire Miles - January 29, 2018

There really are very few things that are more exciting and adorable than a Hello Kitty jet.  Customers can now officially book flights out of the U.S with EVA Air and experience this magical journey.  Just when you thought your childhood Hello Kitty collection had it all, you realized you’ve been totally outdone.


In 2011, EVA Air joined forces with Sanrio to make the Hello Kitty planes.  But for years, fans were only able to travel with her outside of the U.S. The airline flew only between Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Guam.  It was revealed in 2014 that EVA Air would be coming to the U.S, and now customers can officially fly Hello Kitty from Los Angeles and Chicago to Tapei.  Well if they have plans to visit Tapei and spend $920.


The Hello Kitty flight has not only gained it’s fame due to it’s exterior appearance. The entire flight is full of Hello Kitty bliss.  Upon arriving at the airport, check in is at bright pink counters, the walls too are covered in pink with the Hello Kitty bows too.  All the plane snacks, blankets and sick bags are also Hello Kitty themed.  The plane’s toilet paper is even Hello Kitty.  Duty-free souvenirs are also sold on board.


Basically, most of us would leave this flight bankrupt, but it really does sound like a dream experience.



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