Here’s How To Make Your Crush Notice You
Laura Lee - February 7, 2022

Hearts-thumping, nervous fingers, sweaty palms, etc., are all signals we get when our crush passes by us. If you’re a shy one and would like to say hi but cannot, it gets frustrating keeping all those feelings locked up without speaking them out. Bumping into them and having your eyes meet isn’t so fairytale-like as some of our favorite movies put it. In real life, these situations can turn real awkward. Luckily, there are some tricks to get that boy or girl to notice you.

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Dress Nice. Smell Nice

There’s the saying dress goo, smell good, feel good. This saying goes for all situations. If you dress nice, it helps boost your overall confidence. Dressing nice doesn’t mean you should adopt a fashion style that isn’t yours but make a conscious effort to your looks. Of course, looks are not everything, but it’s a great way to start. In addition to this, smelling nice is sure to turn heads, and your crush might be one of those heads to turn. Bingo!

Smile at them

Smiles help break down communication barriers. Whenever you’re passing by the person that makes your heart do a double-take, give them your killer smile. Who knows? They may smile right back at you and may wave even, which is a win for crushes worldwide.

Have a genuine interest in the things they care about

Taking an interest in what they care about comes naturally for most people because we want to know what they’re like and what makes them happy. Develop a genuine interest in their hobbies, and ask them about them. This interest helps grow friendships, which can sometimes lead to fulfilling relationships.

Tell them

If you’ve tried everything possible to get them to notice you, and it fails, it might be the time to lay your cards on the table and tell them. Sometimes, people read signals differently, so saying things plainly, and in the open might be the best course of action.

Whether you’re the most confident person or not, making your crush notice you can be frustrating. It’s best to be yourself and put your best foot forward.

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