Hilarious TikTok Family Challenges
Andrew Parker - May 5, 2020

As you read this right now, you are very likely hanging out with your family on the sofa (hopefully at least). You’re also likely to be looking for something fun and exciting to do right now, to get that adrenaline rushing through your body and to make you feel challenged. And that’s exactly why there are tons of seriously epic TikTok family challenges that have come into play, to take that boredom and turn into pure laughter and fun.  We also can’t promise that your parents won’t want to take part, but it will surely be absolutely epic, and there’s no reason in the world to be ashamed of them! Don’t they deserve to enjoy everything that TikTok has to offer too?

All of these TikTok challenges are seriously hilarious and unique – something that we have yet to experience! Some of these challenges allow you to share how you really feel about one another, while others require participants to change up their styles, including, yes, raiding the private closets of your family members (of course with prior permission). Either way, regardless of what kind of challenge you decide to go for, your family is guaranteed a good time, which is exactly the beauty of TikTok, filled with endless dances to follow, challenges and overall epic content to keep you inspired no matter comes your way. 

One of the challenges is known as the #RenegadeChallenge and requires you and your family to perform a choreographed dance together, showing off your best dance moves. And even if you’re not taking part in the challenges, watching these dances is an experience in and of itself.  Another epic TikTok family challenge is the #LevelUp Challenge, which is only for those that have a pet. So if you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend at home, the challenge requires you to make a stack of toilet paper and see how high your little creature can jump!

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