House Plants That Don’t Require You To Have a Green Thumb
Andrew Parker - December 25, 2020

Especially nowadays with everyone spending much more time indoors, it’d be nice to bring some greenery into your space. While some people are natural gardeners with a green thumb, there are others who just can’t seem to keep a plant alive. But hey, no worries! There are plants for the latter group out there. We know, we know- you aren’t sure how much water, how much light, etc etc. It is hard to figure out the needs of plants. Sometimes they need a lot of water, other plants need hardly any watering. Some plants need a lot of direct sunlight, while others do just fine in dim apartments. Here you have a list of plants you can’t kill, no matter how hard you try!


“You really couldn’t ask for anything easier than bamboo,” says Fleming-Barnhardt, ProPlants Merchandise Product Manager. “Just put bamboo in water and make sure you replace it with clean water every once in a while.” Not a lot of light in your house? No problem! Bamboo requires very little light, making it a perfect indoor houseplant or office plant. Plus, it helps up your Feng Shui game, which is always nice.

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