House Plants That Don’t Require You To Have a Green Thumb
Andrew Parker - December 25, 2020

Especially nowadays with everyone spending much more time indoors, it’d be nice to bring some greenery into your space. While some people are natural gardeners with a green thumb, there are others who just can’t seem to keep a plant alive. But hey, no worries! There are plants for the latter group out there. We know, we know- you aren’t sure how much water, how much light, etc etc. It is hard to figure out the needs of plants. Sometimes they need a lot of water, other plants need hardly any watering. Some plants need a lot of direct sunlight, while others do just fine in dim apartments. Here you have a list of plants you can’t kill, no matter how hard you try!





“You really couldn’t ask for anything easier than bamboo,” says Fleming-Barnhardt, ProPlants Merchandise Product Manager. “Just put bamboo in water and make sure you replace it with clean water every once in a while.” Not a lot of light in your house? No problem! Bamboo requires very little light, making it a perfect indoor houseplant or office plant. Plus, it helps up your Feng Shui game, which is always nice.





Fleming-Barnhardt says, “Now I know a lot of people have issues with orchids, but they’re super easy if you just simply ignore them.” She continues, “I typically soak my orchids once every two weeks and keep them in indirect sunlight. That does the trick!” You can also try a simple ice cube trick once a week for watering. Orchid blooms last 8 to 10 weeks on average when treated right.


Peace Lily



These plants add such lush, vibrant greenery to the home. “They literally tell you when they are hungry by drooping,” says Fleming-Barnhardt. Many peace lily owners will simply wait until the plant’s leaves droop before watering, which actually works really well to prevent over-watering. “So just pay attention and you can’t really kill this sucker,” she explains.




Succulent plant

Via Imgur


Succulents are super popular nowadays. It seems like everyone on Intstagram is showing off their pretty, colorful succulent plants! These plants are a must for just about everyone. They are low-maintenance and require very little watering. Keep your succulents in bright, indirect light, and water whenever the soil looks completely dry—easy!


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