How ’90s Kids Spent Christmas Eve
Marc Gordon - December 20, 2018

Christmas Eve as a kid in the ’90s was the greatest thing in the world.  Kids today will never know how epic rituals of that time truly were. Of course, kids today still have Christmas traditions, such as leaving out milk and cookies for Santa Claus, which is pretty much eternal.

Kids today though might even have doubts as to whether or not Santa Clause even existed thanks for that modern invention known as Google (pretty much the Grinch that stole Christmas).  But all ’90 kids know how Christmas should truly be done…

For one, how about the fact that we all loved to watch Home Alone on Christmas Eve? It was a ritual for us, while today it would be pretty problematic for a child to be left home alone with a gun.  And we of course always sat down to watch is with popcorn from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bag.

You all of course remember dancing your hearts away to Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs before bed in your pajamas.  And if you were too young for that, then you surely had a Disney Sing-A-Long VHS, right?

You surely wrote a letter to Santa (fully believing in his existence) asking him for a pet Tamagotchi, whereas in today’s day in age kids are asking for more Instagram followers and for lips like Kylie Jenners.

Well, things have certainly changed over the years, but it doesn’t mean that Christmas isn’t special in a different way!

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