How Concerts Make A Great First Date
Laura Lee - February 3, 2022

When people pick first date spots, they look to restaurants, bars, or picnics because of the calm scenery. However, other cool first date ideas are sure to bring in a second date if done right. One of these ideas is a date at a concert. So why does live music make great first date locations?
Imagine singing together with your crush to one of your favorite songs by your favorite bands, swaying side to side, and waving torches in perfect symphony with the crowd. Sounds about perfect right? Yeah, it feels dreamlike to me.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Klaus Vedfelt

First dates can be terrifying because of the pressure involved in getting the ideal outfit and knowing the right things to say or do. It’s quite a lot and can be exhausting going through every little detail.  At a glance, the first date at a concert seems like a bad idea because of the loud music and cramped spaces. However, live music performances provide this fun, lively atmosphere that helps both parties relax and be themselves. Music loosens tension and can get dates to tap their toes to the music. Show your best dance moves, and who knows, a slow dance can sometimes lead to a kiss goodnight at the end of the date.

You can also be laid back with outfit ideas. When going for a dinner date, there’s the need to drop all cards on the table and achieve this flawless, sophisticated look. For concerts, however, your style can be effortless and fun. Jeans and graphic t-shirts are never the wrong choices to go with for this. Not to mention, conversations are easier.
With concerts, singing can get both parties to start a conversation on their favorite bands and other aspects of their life. Both parties get to sing alongside their favorite bands and get their conversation juices flowing. Concerts, live music bands, etc., make some notable first-date locations. So if you’re looking to impress your date with something fresh and different, why not try a music venue?

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