How Did Cricket Gain Popularity?
Marc Gordon - May 23, 2023

We all know how cricket has been one of the most preferred games from across many countries including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It has been gaining extreme amounts of popularity from fans from across the world. In many countries including India, it has been an extremely celebrated sport with almost more than half of the country being a fan. This article will talk about cricket as a sport and how it gained popularity in regards to other sports.

Cricket has been a fairly recent sport introduced by the British during the era of colonization. Initially, cricket was supposed to be the game of rich influential people, however, it gained public attention really quickly and was known as the game of the public. One of the major reasons for the sport gaining extreme popularity is the reason that it is a very low maintenance sport. You will just need a bat and a ball to play cricket. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to learn as well. You will just need to focus a little to learn all the basics of the game. Moreover, it is a less demanding game as you just can start the game anywhere, without the installation of expensive equipment.

Moreover, India has been one of the beginners of cricket fans that have provided huge amounts of publicity to cricket. Moreover, the sport has been fairly popular in India because of the consecutive wins of cricket in India. During the 2019 world cup, cricket gained huge amounts of popularity when it was able to secure a world cup for India. Not only Indians, Pakistanis and Australians were extremely occupied by the popularity of the sport. Many countries even have their own cricket leagues for example: IPL (Indian Premier League) and PSL (Pakistan Super League). These allow the sport to gain further popularity amongst natives.

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