How Effective is Retail Therapy?
Claire Miles - October 25, 2022

We have all seen an influx of people opting for retail therapy and splurging money over multiple shops and brands. This has become such a common practice that at times we do not recognize the impact of this. Do many people justify their splurging as a means of rewarding themselves for all the hard work they have ever done throughout their lives but is the process even rewarding? This article will argue on the basis of scientific facts and figures on how the process may be damaging your habits.

Getty Images/Moment/Oscar Wong

Recent research has shown that around 62% of people get products that they do not basically need in hopes of uplifting their moods. Furthermore, the study also concluded that young adults were more prone to this kind of activity. However, it is important to note that once we form retail therapy as a means of our primary form of therapy, the process tends to get suffocating. We experience so much guilt and think of multiple ways where we could have spent that money in a much more positive way. Moreover, at times you may be lacking some amounts of money which will create so much more stress and annoyance regarding it. You will feel much obliged to buy things off the shelf.

There are multiple healthier options than retail therapy. One activity that science has truly praised is the act of decluttering. When you declutter your stuff you feel like life is more in your control. You know that this product lies under your territory and you have control over it. Moreover, another important step is to ensure that you always count your blessings. At times we forget that we are excessively blessed with so many things in life that we need to value more rather than spend money on materialistic things.

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