How These Kids Of Celebs Realized Their Parents Were Famous
Marc Gordon - February 9, 2020

Looking Back

by Edgar A. Guest

I might have been rich if I'd wanted the gold
instead of the friendships I've made.
I might have had fame if I'd sought for renown
in the hours when I purposely played.
Now I'm standing to-day on the far edge of life,
and I'm just looking backward to see
What I've done with the years and the days that were mine,
and all that has happened to me.

I haven't built much of a fortune to leave
to those who shall carry my name,
And nothing I've done shall entitle me now
to a place on the tablets of fame.
But I've loved the great sky and its spaces of blue;
I've lived with the birds and the trees;
I've turned from the splendor of silver and gold
to share in such pleasures as these.

I've given my time to the children who came;
together we've romped and we've played,
And I wouldn't exchange the glad hours spent
with them for the money that I might have made.
I chose to be known and be loved by the few,
and was deaf to the plaudits of men;
And I'd make the same choice should the chance
come to me to live my life over again.

I've lived with my friends and I've shared in their joys,
known sorrow with all of its tears;
I have harvested much from my acres of life,
though some say I've squandered my years.
For much that is fine has been mine to enjoy,
and I think I have lived to my best,
And I have no regret, as I'm nearing the end,
for the gold that I might have possessed.

Sometimes certain celebs are so familiar to us that they almost feel like family. Having grown up seeing their faces every day on magazine covers and TV screens, it feels like we know pretty much everything about them. But apparently, the kids of A-Listers themselves often know much less than we do about their parents’ glamorous lives. In fact, a lot of them didn’t even realize their moms and dads were famous at all! Here are just a couple of ways these children found out their parents were stars.


Lincoln Shephard (Son Of Kirsten Bell & Dax Shepard)


Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jeff Kravitz


REALIZED: He didn’t understand why people were interested in his dad’s podcast


Kristin Bell and her husband Dax Shephard might be totally goals to the rest of us mortals, due to their loving and goofy relationship. But to their son Lincoln, they are totally average humans, which they discovered in the most hilarious way. Shepard was recording a podcast when Lincoln why people were tuning in. His dad answered that “probably they tune into the podcast because I’m famous and they know my name.” Lincoln said, “You’re famous?” Shepard said, “Well, yeah, sweetie. Why do you think people ask me and Mommy for pictures when we’re out in public?” To this, his son answered, “Mommy’s famous?!”



Liv Tyler (Daughter of Steven Tyler)


Getty Images/FilmMagic, Inc/Jeff Kravitz


REALIZED: Steven Tyler’s other daughter looked exactly like her


Unlike many of these other children of celebrities, Liv wasn’t just in the dark about her parent’s fame – she also had no idea who her real dad was.  Tyler had always had suspicions about who her father was. She felt a weird connection with the Aerosmith frontman. But the moment of truth happened when she was attending one of his concerts and saw Mia, Steven Tyler’s daughter from another marriage, standing next to the stage. “She looked exactly like me and I looked at my mum and she had tears in her eyes, and I kind of put it all together”.


Georgia-May Jagger (Daughter of Mick Jagger)


Getty Images Entertainment/Dave M Benett


REALIZED:  Only realized when her dad took her on tour


For the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, and model Jerry Hall, Georgia-May Jagger was raised in a shockingly normal atmosphere. Her childhood was so normal that she didn’t even know who her father was – until he asked her to go on tour with him. It was only at that point that she began to comprehend the level of her dad’s fame. Of her mom, Jagger says, “I still think of my mum as being kind of a dork – a cooler one, but still a dork.”



Blake Lively (Daughter Of Ernie Lively)


Getty Images Entertainment/Stephen Lovekin


REALIZED: Her real-life dad played her on-screen dad in a movie


Many of us have gone to the office with our dads at some point in our childhoods. But unlike Blake Lively, it wasn’t to a Hollywood film set. Blake has a great relationship with her dad, actor Ernie Lively, and definitely inherited her serious acting chops from him. But as magical a childhood as that might sound, perhaps the most surreal moment for her was when her real dad played her on-screen dad in a movie.


Lily-Rose Depp (Daughter Of Johnny Depp)


Getty Images/WireImage/Jun Sato


REALIZED: People pretended to be her on Instagram


The daughter of actor Johnny Depp and French model Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose was no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood. But as her parents kept her totally hidden from the media, she didn’t realize the extent to which they were famous. The realization hit her when people started stealing her photos and creating fake accounts on Instagram, pretending to be her. Today, the 20-year-old model is still very private, choosing to stay home and watching cooking shows rather than going to the clubs.



Alexa Ray Joel (Daughter Of Christie Brinkley & Billy Joel)


Getty Images Entertainment/Matthew Peyton


REALIZED: She just thought her parents were popular


As the only child of musician Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel lived a glamorous childhood and was used to publicity. But in fact, she never realized that her parents were actual celebrities. People would shout her parents’ names when they were on family outings, but as the now 34-year-old singer says, “I just thought they were popular.” Further, she reveals, “I thought I was the star. We were always putting on plays, and dad would do the accompaniment and mom would dress me up like a Disney princess and be filming everything.”


Lily Collins (Daughter Of Phil Collins)


Getty Images/WireImage/Jim Spellman


REALIZED: Her father was never around


Model Lily Collins is not just famous for her good looks (and fabulous eyebrows). She is also the daughter of songwriter and singer Phil Collins. Unfortunately, they have always had a rocky relationship, partially because he was never around when she was growing up. When Lily’s parents got divorced when she was 5, her dad left for Switzerland where he stayed for over 20 years.  “I’ve realized that many of my deepest insecurities stem from these issues with my dad,” Collins has said.



Jennifer Aniston (Daughter Of John Aniston)


Getty Images/WireImage/KMazur


REALIZED: One day she saw her father on TV


Despite growing up as the daughter of actor John Aniston, Jennifer didn’t get to watch a lot of TV or movies. She went to a Waldorf school, which didn’t allow their students to watch television, a rule which her parents strictly enforced. The only time she was able to get away with it was when she was at home sick. One day, she decided to sneak it anyways and she saw her dad on screen in the sitcom ‘That Girl’.


Gigi Hadid (Daughter Of Yolanda Hadid)


Getty Images/FilmMagic/D Dipasupil


REALIZED: She was a baby gap model by the age of 2


Gigi Hadid has a lot going for her. She has a crazy successful modeling career, an amazing family, and her best friend is Kendall Jenner. It would be totally understandable if she was out of touch with the average joe. But in fact, Gigi has always stayed grounded due to her mom’s great parenting skills and realizes that she is incredibly blessed. Says Hadid, “I think the biggest thing that my mom did for my career was make me wait until I was 17 to sign to an agency.”



Dakota Johnson (Daughter Of Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson)


Getty Images/WireImage/Chris Weeks


REALIZED: She had to watch her parents film intimate scenes – with other people


Dakota Johnson is perhaps best known for her starring role in the notoriously steamy ’50 Shades Of Grey’ films. But another thing that makes her distinct is the fact that she grew up with not one, but two famous parents, actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Growing up with famous parents meant a very different lifestyle than most kids – which included having to watch her parents film intimate scenes with other people on screen. In Johnson’s words, “I lost my mind! I couldn’t deal with that at all.”


Angelina Jolie (Daughter Of Jon Voight)


Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jeff Kravitz


REALIZED: “I didn’t ­really have a father around.”


The stunning actress Angelina Jolie looks nothing like her famous dad Jon Voight, and that’s not the only difference they have. The two actors have quite a difficult relationship, and apparently, a lot of that stems from Voight’s absence in his daughter’s childhood. Jolie has called herself “her mother’s daughter,” adding, “I try to raise my children the way that my mother raised me. I didn’t ­really have a father around.”



Emma Roberts (Niece Of Julia Roberts)


Getty Images Entertainment/Kevin Winter


REALIZED: She grew up trying on Aunt Julia’s padded bras


Emma Roberts might be young, but she’s already an incredibly accomplished actress. But apparently, those acting genes didn’t just come from nowhere, seeing as she is the niece of actress Julia Roberts. Emma was homeschooled and definitely didn’t have a conventional upbringing (spoiler: she didn’t get to go to prom), but she had some pretty fascinating experiences to make up for it. She still has polaroids of herself trying on aunt Julia’s padded bras.


Paris & Nicky Hilton (Daughters Of Rick Hilton)


Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz


REALIZED: There were antiques and forbidden zones in the house


One might think that growing up as heiresses of a hotel empire would mean instant access to anything your heart desires. But apparently, this was not the case for the Hilton girls. Growing up,  Paris and Nicky had forbidden zones in their own home.  “I grew up in a house full of antiques and fancy fabrics and certain rooms you weren’t allowed to go in,” Nicki told Architectural Digest. And as a child, I always told myself that I will never have that when I’m grown up; I would have a house where no room is off-limits.”



Kendall & Kylie Jenner (Daughters Of Kris and Bruce Jenner)


Getty Images/WireImage/Cesare Bonazza


REALIZED: There were always men with cameras around the house


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But unlike the three older Kardashian sisters, who became world-famous during their teenage years, model Kendall Jenner and makeup creator Kylie Jenner were basically born into it. And in their case, that meant a house full of camera people who filmed pretty much every second of their not-so-private lives. Of her older sisters, Kendall has said, “They got to live their teen years in a very different way than we did.”


Rashida Jones (Daughter Of Quincy Jones)


Getty Images/WireImage/J. Vespa


REALIZED: She was bitten by Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee Bubbles


Lots of us have grown up around animals. But most people can’t say they’ve played with Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Jones once randomly drove to a movie theatre with Jackson and two others, and supersoaked people waiting in line. Jones says of the incident, “They had no idea they’d just been supersoaked by the King of Pop.” The daughter of legendary musician Quincy Jones, Rashida realized later that she lived a crazy childhood, but back then, this was pretty much a day in her life.



Brandon & Dylan Lee Anderson (Sons of Pamela Anderson)


Getty Images Entertainment/Ray Tamarra


REALIZED: Kids at summer camp were talking about their mom


While most teenage American boys grew up with posters of Pamela Anderson in their bedrooms, her two sons, Brandon and Dylan didn’t even realize that the blonde bombshell was right in their midst. They knew their mom’s name but didn’t understand that she was THE Pamela Anderson until they found out from the other boys at camp. As Anderson recalls, “They were like… ‘Are you Pamela Anderson for real? Like, what is going on?” Prior to the revelation, they just thought their mother rescued animals.


Miley Cyrus (Daughter Of Billy Ray Cyrus)


Getty Images/Walt Disney Television/Michael Desmond


REALIZED: It was weird having her real-life dad as her television dad


Miley Cyrus is as well known for her Disney channel stint as Hannah Montana as she is for her controversial twerking moves. But before all of that, she was just the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.  “We have always had money and we have always had fame,” Miley has said. “I’ve always had people trying to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I’m used to it. I can smell bullshit a mile away.”  As much as she’s used to her dad’s stardom, she admits it was quite weird having him play her on-screen dad on ‘Hannah Montana‘.



Moses Paltrow (Son Of Gwyneth Paltrow)


Getty Images/BuzzFoto/Josiah Kamau


REALIZED: He found out his mom knows Justin Bieber


Gwyneth Paltrow is known for a lot of things. The award-winning actress is also the founder of a luxury line of wellness products called Goop, and the mother of two children with some very unique names – Apple and Moses. But to her son Moses, Paltrow was just his regular old mommy. That is until he discovered that famous people know who she is. According to Paltrow, they were going to see Justin Bieber and “my son put together that Justin Bieber or someone else might know who I am — like someone that he thinks is great, that might know who I am from Iron Man.”