How to Clean Your Laptop
Andrew Parker - October 4, 2022

We all know how laptop cleaning is an essential part of our everyday cleanup ritual. We mostly ignore cleaning our tech items including phones and laptops but it is important to remember that these carry the most amount of germs. These germs can intervene in your normal conditioning and may even cause you to fall sick. Many people frequently complain that their mobile screens may cause them uninvited acne.

Getty Images/Moment/Oscar Wong

Moreover, laptop keyboards are another way of transmitting all unhealthy germs. These keyboard buttons usually have spaces in between and when you type out multiple things, you forget that your hands may come in contact which may lead to contamination. Moreover, when you’re usually writing this, you forget and unintentionally touch your face. This leads to germs reaching your face and you may cause or develop multiple skin issues. To clean your screens, the best way to do so is to get an alcohol swab and clean the screens with them.

The alcohol swabs ensure that all germs are killed, moreover, give you a clean, spotless screen. Furthermore, use a keyboard protector. These protectors avoid the direct contact of keyboards with the hands and you can easily wash them off. These protectors can even be washed with detergent as they are made up of silicon and are washable. Moreover, avoid consuming any food while using your laptop or phone. This has become a recent trend where people use their phones and laptops alongside their lunches or dinners. They do not realize that this may get their laptops and their hands contaminated and may lead to skin and bacterial issues. You can also clean off your laptops with any glass cleaners as they are usually safe to use on screens. Ensure that whatever you use on your skin is 100% safe for your screen.

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