How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs
Alexandra Wade - May 31, 2022

Strawberry legs are a skin condition that refers to the minute hair follicle that isn’t removed. Moreover, the legs have black spots which show the hair follicle stuck in the skin. Their appearance is more like pitted fruits thus referred to as strawberry legs. This article will explain to you the causes, symptoms, and solutions to treat strawberry legs.

Getty Images/Tetra images/Peathegee Inc

Strawberry skin is one of the natural skin reactions to excessive shaving. The body reacts as it symbolizes the presence of pores and hair follicles. This kind of condition is extremely harmless and can occur to people all around the world. However, people are much bothered by its presence because strawberry legs lead to more visible pores which bothers many people. Most photographers edit such skin conditions, thus creating a negative view of the skin condition. Strawberry legs occur due to two major reasons: the hair that is shaved is much darker than the outer skin or the hair follicle is filled with dirt and dust that doesn’t allow the pore to breathe properly.

Strawberry skin usually occurs after shaving as the dust can easily get trapped in the pores and oxidize to form a very dark and scary color. It is essential that you use a sharper and a cleaner razor otherwise the bacteria from the razor is transferred into the skin causing pus and the oxidation of multiple hair follicles. Another important factor can be that shaving harshly and forcefully can lead to minor cuts which can further inflame the pore and the hair follicle. The trick to getting rid of strawberry legs is to exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliation will allow the top dead layer to peel off which can allow the body to remove any dead cells from it. Furthermore, moisturizing will give it a silky smooth feel.

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