How To Increase Your Water Intake
Claire Miles - June 29, 2022

With the advent of summers, it is essential that we increase our water intake otherwise it may lead to dehydration. This dehydration may lead to decreased water content in the body. Summer heat leads to sweating and excessive water loss may lead to fainting and unconsciousness. This article will talk about how you can inculcate drinking habits in your daily routine.

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Start your mornings by drinking some water. This will also help your digestive system to feel activated. You can even start your day by preparing some infused water. The recipe for infused water is as follows: Chop some strawberries, blueberries, and orange slices. You can also add in some lemon slices for the extra flavor. Fill in your water bottle with some chilled water and add in your chopped fruits. Let that rest for more than 3-4 hours. You can place the bottle in the fridge overnight and drink it first thing in the morning. This means that not only your water consumption but will also give you the added benefits of fruits.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate water into your diet by keeping a water bottle with you at all times. If you are lazy and hate going to the kitchen then just keep a water bottle with you. You can sip water anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can also add syrups if you do not like the taste of simple water. You can also add extracts such as strawberry, vanilla, or watermelon. This will add a very simple yet subtle flavor that will help to elevate the simple flavor of the water. Try incorporating fresh fruits into your diet as much as you can. Watermelons are an effective way to increase the water content. You can blend the fruit and water together.

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