How To Properly Wash Your Hair
Andrew Parker - June 15, 2022

We all know how washing our greasy hair during winters is a task. Even in summers at times we feel that our hair tends to get oily frequently because of the excessive heat and sweat. People are always unsure of the products they should be using on their hair. This article will give the perfect guide to let you know the basic hair washing tips and tricks.

Getty Images/Moment/Elva Etienne

The initial step is to examine the condition of your hair. You should know what is the biggest threat that your hair is dealing with. It can be dry weather, lack of moisture in your hair, or brittle and damaged treated hair. Furthermore, the use of dyes and treatments can further worsen hair health. The direct way to deal with hair damage is to go for a haircut and cut all the dead strands of your hair. However, people do not prefer chopping off most of their hair. Thus, there are many treatments available that can majorly undo the hair damage.

To begin with, one of the most famous hair-protecting treatments is the Kerastase keratin solution. It contains keratin which helps your hair to absorb the protein and get so much silkier and smoother. However, these are salon-based treatments so you can begin by washing your hair with much more consideration. Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo. Make sure that it is paraben and DMDM-free. These chemicals are known to cause hair loss which can lead to major health issues in the future. Moreover, you could even try the curly girl method which will allow you to not only improve your hair health but also make them look fuller and healthier. Moreover, invest in a good quality conditioner that is again paraben, sulfate, and salt-free. You should always condition your hair after washing to avoid tangles.

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