How to Set Up a Tent
Claire Miles - August 20, 2022

If your family is planning on taking a vacation into the woods and setting up camp somewhere with a beautiful view right by the fire to enjoy your night of stargazing under the moonlight sky then you might want to prepare yourself by learning how to set up a tent unless you want to be sleeping in the open.

Once you’ve got a place to set up your tent, come on make sure there aren’t any sticks, pine cones, or stones and that the ground is as clear, level, and flat as possible. Then lay down the footprint or the tarp. Stretch the base of the tent across the tarp and state the opposite corners into the ground with the hook facing out.

Once you have a firm stretch in the opposite corners, stake the remaining corners into the ground. You might want to pack a few extra stakes in case one break. Next, you need to add the poles post-op to unfold fold segments by undoing the bungee cords. Then, insert the longest main pull into the sleeves on the outside of the tent and then repeat the process with all additional poles.

When the time comes to raise the tent, elevate the tent by slowly raising one of the main polls. Then, repeat the process with the pole in the opposite corner of the main pole or the cross pole. After this, set up the additional support poles until the tent is fully raised and can be accessed by you and your family.

As additional support, you might want to consider adding a rainfly across the top of your tent. It would function as an umbrella and divert the rainwater away from you and keep you dry if it happens to rain at night. Simply drape the rainfly across the top of the tent and fasten it to the outside of the tent.

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